Curse System Abusal

I had played a lot today, living several nice and full lives, but there was a catch, I was cursed 5 times for no reason all in the same day! I didn’t grief nor say foul language, I had been cursed for seemingly no reason, I had even been cursed 3 times in one life in the same town! Of course the curse system was bound to be abused, but 5 curses for no reason in a single day surprises me on how much this can be abused!

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It’s a stupid system. There should be typing of some kind to “say” the curse AND the button is ridiculous. I’ve almost cursed people accidentally. Others have said the same thing. I was cursed today by some idiot, sponge, noob for standing and watching the smithing process which I’m trying to learn.

I absolutely agree! Similar instances have happened to me as well the irony is I live a full life and they starve to death next to a garden of food.

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I JUST finished playing a life and the curses were being hurled ridiculously, I think MAINLY by noobs checking out the ridiculous button. This is beyond stupid, the way it’s set up. Sure… they “ask” that it not be abused but they have made is SO STUPIDLY SIMPLE to be abused. I’m seriously considering dumping this and buying the PC version.

I think you should have a little more patience and chill. I get you are frustrated by senseless curses, but I recommend waiting until the dev team changes how the feature is used or people get used to the button. Who knows, the pc version could have the same problem.

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PC version doesn’t have the same problem. You have to type out “curse john smith”. This team doesn’t want to implement that because of the “international” player base. Therefore they need to make it much more direct, not a curious button for noobs to press, or they need to balance it so that there are positive points to offset curses by accident or noobs.