Curse system guide when and when not to curse

Hello thought it was about time to do a post of my own instead of commenting on everyone else’s hi my ingame name is hayleygreen and as you know the new curse system has come out in the new version reading the forums there are mixed feelings about the system and if it works if it doesn’t work obviously it’s new and will take time for people to work out what it does basically I’ve seen many posts of people getting cursed for silly reasons now I know some will be griefers just trying to be a pain in the arse but I thought I’d write this out for people who actually know when to curse and what it does

Background on cursing
Cursing is a way to help prevent griefers from griefing and random murders from happening as many of you have seen unlike the pc version it’s the big Red Devil like button in the top right of your screen when you click on someone it isn’t something cool to press it’s something that if enough (I think it’s 10) people curse you Then you are basically expelled from the main game and forced to live in the wilderness miles and miles from the rest of the population your writing changes to black and you can only give birth to other cursed children you will stay expelled from the land until you have knocked off enough curse points to go under ten but if you have knocked it back to 9 curse points and then get cursed again you would be straight back there until you’ve knocked off a point regardless if your cursed or not an hour worth of playtime will knock off a cursepoint so keep this in mind a player can curse only once every 2 hours of gametime aswell which is a good idea to help prevent people becoming babies and cursing you over and over again

Reasons to curse someone
-continously griefing
Basically if you have someone who is continously taking your stuff breaking objects releasing animals from the pen or just generally standing around eating your food doing nothing FOR A GREAT LENGTH OF TIME bare the timeframe in mind later in the post basically the pain in the arses of the game that just want to run around and ruin the game for everyone else this is where the curse system is useful because it puts players off doing this for no reason

-murder/murder spree for no reason
This is the grey area of cursing I have seen stories of people murdering a griefer who was continously griefing and the other players all turning on them cursing them and kill them no this is not a reason to curse someone techniqually they could have just saved your whole town because griefers often get bored griefing and then decide to go on a murderspree, cursing is for the players that pick up a bow and arrow/knife and go round taking the whole town out or murdering someone for absolutely no reason because it’s funny or whatever this is where you use your cursepoints also people who release bears that murder your town also deserve a curse

Reasons NOT to curse someone
This section is based of complaints the I’ve read from both the pc and mobile version and also from my own experiences and just general manners of the game like I said cursed are basically a punishment that you’ve chosen that specific person to use your long cooldown token on so bare that in mind your punishing this other player basically

-cursing a ‘Hero’
Like I mentioned in the earlier section the person who has just murdered the griefer who was about to kill all your arses is not a person to curse if anything they should deserve a standing ovation seen so many people leave a griefer alone to grief and then they get bored and pull the weapons out and end up taking your whole linage out so bare in mind that person may have just saved your life

-your mother abandoned you
This one is close to my heart my first ever curse was because I abandoned my baby I was a new eve with not even a home yet only 14 so as I was running off I got cursed, this is not a cursable offence people abandon babies for various reasons like not having the food to support the growth of the town or like me was a new eve and no place to call home yet and no place to bring a child up this kind of cursing can become very negative because it will stop people abandoning babies which would cause populations booms and ruin whole towns and lineages because the mothers are too scared to abandon there babies this would be a form of griefing in the long run

Suiciding babies
Babies suicide for various of reasons they don’t like the start up area they don’t want to be a boy they see a newborn eve and don’t want to burden her with carrying a child while she finds home they’ve seen there isnt enough food to support you both which would lead to you both to die yet again this is not a reason to curse someone you can still be cursed even when your dead if someone clicks on your grave I know it’s annoying when babies suicide but there normally doing it for a reason this is not a cursable offence just more of a game annoyance

Idle people for a SHORT amount of time
-like I said earlier a great amount of time is a grief but a small amount of time is not like a previous member posted he was standing there watching the blacksmith make an item so they know how to do it the game is all about learning from other players so if someone is keen to learn something new let them watch you they may knick one extra food standing there watching you for a minute or so to learn something new this helps the game and helps that player become better for future game this is not worthy of a curse instead of cursing simply ask the person what there doing first at least if there watching you do something Bevause they wanna learn let them don’t put people off of watching you and learning from you this will cause my grief in a game that is all about a community teaching each other the game obviously if there standing there for a LONG period of time or refusing to communicate about why there there and stuff then it would be more worthy of a curse someone could even be waiting there for a job to do or because they don’t know the area and wanna be shown can be a variety of reasons ask before you punish someone

-for making a mistake
We’re all human people everyone is going to make a mistake especially with the influx of new players mistakes are going to be made yet again if someone makes one or two mistakes this is not a reason to curse someone I’m sure you’ve made a mistake in the past I know I have :’) making the wrong item or using a item that someone intended for something else yet again should be communication a simple sorry and then the person trying to rectify the situation for example using a rope for a snare instead of for a hatchet should be a simple sorry for the mistake and you both move on and would be Courtsy for you to go and get another rope at least obviously if someone is continously making mistakes or intentionally doing stuff then that’s griefing don’t punish someone for them trying something new or putting a rope on the wrong object or whatever it happens

-Cursing for no reason
The obvious one don’t just curse someone for the sake of it or because you don’t know what it does why punish someone for no reason I’ve been cursed a couple of times simply for no reason I got cursed once cause I was born to a mother and weither she didn’t want me or something just cursed me (granted I cursed her back for it I know two wrongs don’t make a right but at the time I was raging :’) )

These are by no way the official rules of cursing its more of a courtesy hopefully this has cleared up when and when not to curse hopefully it’s been useful especially as it’s all new and there are a lot of new players around obviously some people do curse by accident it yoube read some of my previous posts on peoples topics I’m not a fan of having a big red button in the corner makes it too easy to curse by accident or because of how easily assessable it is

I hope I’ve cleared some things up some feedback would be appreciated as it’s my first topic/guide
Thanks guys and hope to see some of you in the field!


Sweet mother glob thank you for taking an hour or two out your day to write this.

So I have an idea, why not combat the cursing system by adding a compliment system to players who play well.

So we know Cursing is like a “go to hell button”, if you reach +10 curses you spawn with a black text in a middle of no where likely dangerous and all give birth to is evil convicts with each curse given only lasting an hour- thankfully curses have a cool down of 2hours preventing any one person from ruining the pot of broth.

If we implement a system called Blessing that works as a “go to heaven button” to where upon death you go to an area of green where the dangers are less prevalent. Then this (an incentive for being good) will inspire players to be good players and griefers to convert. In addition it could use the same cursing system installed in the game where blessings max at +10 and stop decreasing at 0 and Curses stop at -10 and stop decreasing at 0. Blessings decrease every 2 hours and have a cool down usage of 1 hour while Curses decrease every 1 hour and have a cool down of 2 hours.

The Blessed should have a visual aid like the black text box with white lettering indicating their situation is a result of their past behavior so I suggest a golden text box with black lettering. Something holy. The blessed should only give birth to the blessed as this will result in a collection of players who will achieve a generation worth raising and fighting for truly resulting in the dreamed “end tech city.” that only the 5% ever find. Which by all realism is the heaven we want in a playthrough.

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They are going to have to do something. I’m mighty pissed now. I just got cursed by an Eve after spawning as her baby!!! WTF? And the curses being hurled around camps is alarming and disgraceful. It’s too freaking easy AND too much of a thing of curiosity for noobs

The team here better seriously reconsider this ridiculous system and amend it. AND reset all curses after doing so. I have a feeling Donkey Town is going to be full of really pissed off people who are undeserving of such a fate.


I wonder if the admins like @Jincheng will see your conviction as sign of what to focus on in the next update should they have the time.


Thankyou @MotherofTheChosen did take me a lil while to write it thought I’d try be helpful :’) and yeah that would be a great idea if your going to put punishment in the game then good players should also be rewarding some kind of blessing system would be a good idea though if you was cursed you would have to lose your ability to bless Bevause otherwiwe curse people would just bless each other til there out

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I havnt played for a few days, but im pretty sure i accidently cursed somebody cause i didnt know what that icon was. Srry people. Nvm just saw a screenshot of cursing. Looks like i didnt curse anyone .3.

Maybe they should add a bit about there interface into the tutorial so you know what all the icons do on the screen with a little explanation what each does

So many posts about cursing so gnna bump this a bit :wink: