Cursing from observation op

So murder is a part of the game it just is and people should be allowed to curse from observation mode to its just its a little unfair for murders to be cursed because they are being observed.

I think if someone murders they shoudnt be an valid observation target. They should still be able to curse someone if that person is visible to someone else that they are observing. As it is now with the banishment weights it only takes three curses to kill the murderer which is a bit low even more so when random people in your generation can pop into observation mode and just curse.

Anyways no mater how much murderes and griefers are hated in the game its still apart of the game so i think we shouldnt be able to observe murderes.

Do you agree?

  • Remove abillity to observe murderers.
  • Leave it as is.
  • Remove ability to curse murderers in observation mode.

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For now , I will choose let it be . I do understand your concern. I don’t think many people buy add on so the murderers won’t really get cursed a lot anyway from observation mode. I wanted to see this being tested and then maybe vote again later again. Anyway, good suggestion.

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I agree with you @Candylim940802.

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I agree with you too @Candylim940802
This happened to me once, my daughter killed me and I wasn’t sure why or what to do, I went into observation and she murdered my whole family. I did curse her from observation, because when she shot me I wasn’t sure it it was an accident, but when I saw her kill the rest of the family I knew it was intentional. It was the first and only time I have ever cursed anyone.

It would make a difference if people were using it just to curse others for no reason, then I might want it changed.

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