CW: Racially Derogatory Language

I know this forum is not mean to shame others, but there is an extent to which shaming other’s becomes necessary and this is one of those times.

I don’t know if there is a way to permanently ban someone, and I understand that this game allows swearing-- which I take to my advantage when necessary-- but there’s a difference between petty swear words and words that are straight up pejoratives.

Calling someone the n-word is just irredeemable and should validate a permanent ban.
That is exactly what this person did earlier multiple times to multiple players (Picture for evidence with player’s ID and an example quote).
This needs to be kept under control because I doubt this person would have the balls to do this in real life to a family of POC.

i’m sorry you had to experience someone saying such bad stuff.
yeah i would like to see a stronger methode against racism.
it’s just sad to see people beeing racists.

Using the banishment button is a great way to deal with such situations. In real life there is often not much you can do, but here you can make sure that there are some consequences for behaving that way.
Using your vote also makes it less likely that you will run into the same player again.

Yes, I’m fully aware that I can personally banish them, but there should be stronger retribution inflicted upon someone who says that word specifically. If someone was caught saying words like that in a public setting within the real world, they would be ostracized by the majority of society. There needs to be a blockage on that word from the chat.

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