Damnnn, i need lots of gravel

I was so excited to make the new cart thingy but then I realized how much mining I gotta do just for the gravel

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every mine cart gives 6 loads of ore which end up in 2 gravel baskets you can use for floors.

how much gravel would you find fair per mine cart?

Are we talking about bear caves cause I don’t blow them up tbh I forgot how, and 2 piles a pile is how many baskets?

oops sorry yeah i was talking bear caves. you are right on the iron vains you need so much more stuff to get the gravel.

so with every basket you get 1/3 of a floor. 3 baskets of ore are used for 1 floor.

hmm maybe 2 basket of ore combined equals to 1 floor? or do you think every basket of ore should result in 1 floor?

What do you mean 1/3 u dig up the dirt and then fill it that’s one road part, but like my question is is it a full basket of gravel or is it just a basket. Because u know how you have to have three pieces of gravel in a basket to empty it? Do I need all three or just one peice

yes you need 3 pieces for a full basket of gravel and that equals to 1 floor.

Yeah i think a pile is like 6 baskets that’s a lot of mining still I wish it was just one peice

sorry i guess i havent explained properly. the stuff from the mine you need 3 of them for 1 full basket of gravel. and 1 basket of gravel you need for 1 floor.

and yes i agree it would be nice to have more gravel.

Ohh okay Tysm I was confused

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