Dash or defend

What ecactly is dash or defend? When looking in the app store, i saw that YAH was made by Wereviz. Is this game made by @Christoffer, or is it from a team he is in?

I’m pretty sure Wereviz only publishes games.

Dash or Defend is another mobile game made by the same game studio that makes You are Hope. DoD is an online dueling game where you either play Tower Defense or try to run past the defending towers, thus the name “Dash or Defend”.

I am very much one of the makers of DoD. I worked out the original idea as well as most of the games design. The credit for most of the implementation goes to Jincheng though.
DoD has not been adjusted for the aspect ratio of iPhone X, so the graphics layout isn’t working all that well on those phones. It works great on 16:9 and 4:3 devices though. Try it out - it’s free to download and play!

WereViz is the name of the Swedish company that operates the game studio Dual Decade, so the two are more or less the same thing. Apple’s policy is to use the company name, so they say that our games are from WereViz. GooglePlay however says the games are from DualDecade (which we prefer).

Hope this clarifies things?


Yes, pretty interesting. I wil go try DoD then!

Have fun!

Has the game been abandoned? Will the layout be fixed on iPhone X or later/iPad Pro 3rd generation or later?

Can’t say for sure if we will find time to go back and make a new version, but it is certainly possible.

It works on iPads of all generations already, it’s extremely wide screens (like iPhoneX) that are not properly supported. They didn’t exist back then.

Such as this one with the curved edges and such?

It’s the ratio between width and height that’s problematic. Not if edges are curved or not. iPads screens have a width/height ratio of 4:3, which is not at all extreme.