Dear Chinese players on other national servers pt2 + more

Dear Chinese Players,

Please raise players who want to play in servers SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR THEM or play in your designated server/s.
If not, there is always an option of private servers. I understand you may want to explore different servers but why at OUR expense? At the very least, play TOGETHER or eat a carrot seed. It’s really not that hard.
You don’t utilise the carrot seeds because you want your ‘friends’ to come but will abandon non-Chinese speaking KOREAN players in a KOREAN SERVER. Do you understand how frustrating and annoying this is? Do you realise you guys are one of the main causes KOREAN players are leaving KOREAN servers and this game altogether?
If your time is precious, you should know that so is everyone else’s - why should I be penalised for your shitty actions? I find this action to be highly selfish and inconsiderate. Your behaviour is inconsiderate and disrupts the gaming experience for everyone else.
Please stop and consider others’ perspectives too.

Now some may bring the “racism” card - if you took 1 second to read and empathise you will understand that this is not a race issue but a basic manner issue being raised.

I understand that Chinese players have a very specific set of rules and want to protect themselves/their town. That’s fine but don’t do it at the expense of other’s experience - you CANNOT impose your rules on OTHERS. Stop bringing your problems here.
Raise your babies (WITHOUT JUST KEEPING US IN YOUR PRISON) or take carrot seeds. Or, If you want to play with Chinese rules, play on the Chinese server.

Again, I understand the desire to explore, but please do so without inconveniencing others. At the very least, play together or use the carrot seeds. It’s not difficult.

I’m all over the place as I’m writing this after being annoyingly abandoned by 3 different Chinese players in a Korean server for being Korean within 5 minutes.


This is the second time I’ve posted on a similar topic. I DESPISE writing such negative topics in regards to a GAME - it’s supposed to be a light, enjoyable experience ffs :woman_facepalming:t2:
All I’m asking for is for ppl to have some decency and have basic manners.


Hello, I am a Chinese player, we have informed her to eat carrot seeds on the line. I’m sorry for the trouble. Please also when you are born to Chinese players, click no longer become her children. This is not personal, because not every player we can notify to eat carrot seeds, we do not have the contact information of others. This paragraph is the translation of the Internet, if you are wrong, please forgive me



Thank you, I appreciate you delivering the message to the following player :slight_smile:

However, as mentioned in the above topic, its not just one but MULTIPLE Chinese players in the Korean server that possess this issue. Most don’t name themselves (I’m assuming they also know they’re in the wrong so they stay anonymous? idk) - so I didn’t bother posting a scshot

Not to come off aggressive or a jab at you (please don’t take it personally) but do you not think I have already pressed “baby/mother ban” on all these people? They multiply and expand daily and it feels almost like an invasion. And since when did this become MY job? lol The sense of entitlement is shocking :open_mouth:

Again, DO NOT forcibly impose Chinese rules and standards on players playing in their respective national servers. Don’t like it? Utilise your OWN Chinese servers! Simple as!
From my understanding, IM NOT AT ANY FAULT. But if you have a different view, please share :slight_smile:


hi Because not all Chinese players have joined our collective, we can only notify the collective people. And the people outside the group we can’t control. I’m sorry, but there’s nothing we can do about it.


I completely understand and again, this was not a personal message to you per say, but rather for the forum as its the most public place to post regarding any issues etc within this game.
Please don’t take it personally - I understand it’s not your (or mine lol) responsibility to educate these selfish and entitled players but their own!
However, in saying that - we should never victim blame or say “do xyz if you don’t like being a victim” lol :slight_smile:

Again, I appreciate your response :slight_smile:


Does anyone know why this is happening to the Korean server, specifically? It seems like the Japanese server is having issue with some Chinese players as well. My experience with the Chinese players has always been great. Maybe one time there was a griefer, but for the rest of the time they just play the game along with everybody else. Why don’t the Chinese players use the Chinese server? Are there not two Chinese servers?

Some are just pure stupid and selfish. They have not one, not 2 but THREE servers.
There is only 1 Korean server. I just don’t think they don’t give a ssshit about other people.
Not asking for too much I don’t think - EAT THE DAMN CARROT SEED.
But no, they don’t want to do that because god forbid they miss an opportunity of raising a Chinese player! While killing 5-6 Korean players! NOO we cant have that!

This was all JUST TODAY btw.

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Hey~ I’m ur little sister and also abandoned by same chinese mum :wink:
My mum just ran away and was busy to make a village with her chinese friend. They placed peace lilly together and never eat carrot seed to meet each other again while killing korean babies.
I don’t give a fuc|< whether they make paradise with their bestie but their selfish behavior in ‘other country server’ worsens my thought on chinese players uhhhhhh

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Ugh :woman_facepalming:t2: The sense of entitlement is STRONG in these two Chinese eves.
They literally do not give 2 $hits about other (Korean) people.

One of them is SO FAST at running away too that I’ve only managed to mother-ban one of the other players so I keep getting born into their town ffs.

They are expanding DAILYYYY Im banning every Chinese player (because they refuse to raise me for being Korean) and still get born into Chinese families IN A KOREAN SERVER who don’t raise Koreans. The irony lol

PLEAAASSSEEE LEAVE!!! Yall have 3 servers :sob:

Ft. The same family in our photo (the 2 eve town)