Dear Chinese Players

Dear Chinese Players,

Please raise players who want to play in servers SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR THEM or play in your designated server/s.
If not, there is always an option of private servers.
I understand you may want to explore different servers but why at our expense? At the very least, play TOGETHER or eat a carrot seed.
You don’t utilise the carrot seeds because you want your ‘friends’ to come but will abandon non-Chinese speaking players in a KOREAN SERVER.
If your time is precious, you should know that so is everyone else’s - why should I be penalised for your shitty actions? I find this action to be highly selfish and inconsiderate.
Please stop and consider others’ perspectives too.

ㅡ From your frustrated player.


I’m a Chinese player and play in Chinese server.Let me explain about this.Actually she just feed her roommate .If a baby is a Chinese but not her roommate ,she will left the baby to die also.Because there have some bad kids broken home.Our Chinese player already suffered this kind of bad things.But if you need bury,we have a little house with lock ,provide for people who need bury when they grow up to 10 years old and help people get back to their own home.At least in Chinese server is like this way.we need to add a group and ask for bury in the group.If you’re not in the group ,they will leave you to die and not bury you even you are Chinese.This is a way to protect building actually



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I understand and respect that each server has its own unspoken rule. Thanks for explaining.
However, it doesn’t answer my question nor reflects the behaviour I’ve been seeing. It is just pure nuisance seeing as the idea behind the servers looks to be that it enables players using the same language to play together to optimise the communication - thus player experience. But I am continuously getting abandoned by Chinese players in a Korean server.


Yes, @Ouyang , thank you for joining this conversation!

Anyone who reads enough in these chats understands that Chinese players have a very specific set of rules, set up to protect themselves. This is fine on the Chinese servers. You do you.

BUT, Chinese players cannot impose their rules on other servers. That is the problem here. If a Chinese player is playing in a Korean server, they must follow Korean rules (if there are any) out of respect. This is exactly what Chinese ask other players to do on their servers…it works both ways.

Raise your babies or take carrot seeds. Or, If you want to play with Chinese rules, play on the Chinese server.


THISSSSS. Could not have worded it better, thank you @Quartermoon.


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