Dear Community

Those who have asked for fairness and openness from those within the coders have recieved such things. But have chosen to kill and ruin the village. Due to this fact I doubt strangers will be allowed in again. To those who wanted open villages and towns from the coders, I apologize.

I am not a respect manager of the group but I wanted to say my peace. The person named Ben, and another called Yuki have declared war. On a group of hard working gamers who were willing to accept all others to help construct a village and have fun .

What have you accomplished by this ? How are you much better if all you plan to do is ruin hard work and create issues for others.

Have a good day

(I’ve been watching alot of old timey movies so I apologize if I sound 50)


Aight gg , continue to blame us more again.
:frowning: You must have written this post full of anger. Sorry for your loss mate!

“Ben and Yuki declared war”
Are you really just going to ignore what you did to us earlier?

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What have I done exactly ? And no I’m not angry but thank you for your concern.

Oh wow , why are people so selfish and just think of themselves?
When i said you im clearly saying you (as in your group)

I bet you wanted to say something like: “uhhh it was them idk what they did uhhh”

Well then with that logic why would you(you as a group) tryna kill us then? It’s your(your group) responsibility for not having someone to lead you(you as a group) correctly.

Just because we are playing with ben , every person that has contributed has to pay.

We let ben in our group because we told him that we’d give him one last chance and has shown us that he has changed and has not even once shown a form of hostility towards anyone in our server.

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So in short he hasnt changed and you allow him to do these things as long as the backlash isnt on you.

I am unaware of anything that happened which would warrant your current behavior. It was never spoken of in the group, or to me. If you had
some screenshots and rather then be rude and lash out, discuss reasonably. I would have been more then happy to help you with your cause, discussed things with the group and see what was going on.

I think if ben were to reform and you guys wanted to simply play, I 100% would advocate for no more arguments and peace. But that isnt what happened.
Care to explain ?


Control your anger, not everyone is going to be nice to you and from what I’ve heard you havent been nice to them.

It’s not about control, it’s about maturity and respect.

Just dont piss me off thats all

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Ok , you seem to be using your brain , which is pretty rare in that group.

I think i already sent the screenshots and explained it on the other thread.

Basically in some words what happened is:

We were playing earlier in our town. We suspect 3 people to be griefers but we dont act yet since we had no proof yet.

At some point one of these suspects kills Heidi , and publically announced he was part of “kyonism” however that religion rp thing is written by advocating the god of “kyom”.

He then proceeded to blame Heidi for being a murderer , as an excuse to not be punished for his crime.

(Note that we didn’t use our names)

But heidi confirmed she hasn’t killed anyone.

I haven’t made screenshots of that because i didn’t want to start crying on the forums. I planned to overlook that act. But then the same people advocating kyom let Heidi die when she spawned as a child. ![discord|690x166(upload://4mUcwWu7pNbR9bDGPIM70a0rohx.png)

Some of your group members are known for doing that kyom rping , i have seen them talking repeatedly about that both on forums and both on your server.
And guess who could these kyom people be i wonder? Nobody other than your group.


Actually that religion has spread to those in the PC servers as well. We were talking about it on discord it was cool.

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I have no control over my followers if I’m not there. That was either the Orthodox branch or the Deathstead

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