Dear Griefer

Der Griefer, what is your damn problem with me? What have I done to you??? You keep destroying my house which I built with alot effort so that I had to move out the town. Now you just found my secret home and destroyed everything. Yesterday I was playing for a long time during the night for hours to make a new nice house. I got dogs, I made them as surprise for my friend. We got 11 cakes and alot of stuff because we are planning a big Christmas Party for everyone… For EVERYONE! Yes, even for you!! You stole our stuff, you killed the dogs which I just got, you broke into the house and destroyed the boxes, you destroyed my walls and built new ones and blocked my door like you did before with my house at the town. Please tell me what is your damn problem with me??? Are you hunting me??? Are you stalking me??? Stop doing this because playing makes no fun anymore if you keep destroying and stealing my stuff since the no kids Server startet. If someone of you wants to look at what they have done, just look at my ruined mansion and the garden at center town, it’s all in ruins. I am so done!


Yes. I am annoyed to, and lots of others to. We did so much effort, and then its just gone? We can’t kill him, and we cursed him to death, but it was allready to late. That’s a reason why players start to make private towns. Maybe we should allow killing again. For now we won’t build it up again, that would be work for nothing.