Decay on Solo Server

I have been loving the new solo server and play whenever I can. But sometimes that is only once a day. So every time I log back in to work on my projects, i have to rebuild so much or go so far for materials for baskets and clothing that will only last me the hour I play and be gone the next day. For the solo server only, I think slowing decay or completely pausing it after the server shuts down would be a huge help. It doesn’t have to be where there is no decay at all because then there is no challenge. But building a cart every day I play is becoming annoying.


carts dont decay when you put rubber tires on it or a horse.


That I didn’t know because I never got to build one before and I am taking my solo server slow lol. Thanks for letting me know. But basket decay is still very annoying

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Maybe just make it decay slower?

Thats what I am suggesting, not completely rid of decay just slow it down or stop it when the solo server is off :slight_smile:

U should try to grow wheat as an alternative material for your baskets


Yup, wheat farm & horse cart make it not so bad.

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True but for other things that decay too like clothing. Like I can only play once a day and spending 30 minutes each day to remake all clothing kind of sucks so I tend not to make anything and then im stuck eating the entire time lol. I just used baskets as an example.

Carts still decay if rubber tires are added. Cart with rubber tires decay to normal cart after ten hours then cart decays to a old cart after five i think then to broken cart after another five hours.
But you can add new tires to the cart to refresh the timer.

Or put it on a horse for a permanent horse cart


What about this ? The moment you leave the server time stop or only pass by 1 or 2 hours. That will be fair I guess.


Yep thats kinda what I’m looking for :slight_smile:

I think this is a pretty important flaw you are pointing out. I’m not sure yet what solution will be best (as in smartest for us to implement), but I agree that we will need to find one.

Maybe when you’re making the server, you can either turn decay on or off.

It’s unfortunately the same system for all objects that change over time, so turning it off would mean that you also can’t grow anything, you can’t make bell towers or even start a fire.
So we need to figure out a solution which doesn’t affect the objects that you want to change over time.

Don’t worry, we have great programmers in our team, so we will find a good solution to the problem.


Carrying multiple objects is always an issue, and the two handiest items we have for carrying objects decay, being baskets and backpacks.

Maybe an item like a satchel that only holds 2 objects and there is no decay. Idk what recipe you could use for it, maybe sheep skin and reeds sewn together or something like that.

And for a more permanent item maybe something like a small clay pot you can balance on your head that carries 3 items like a basket, so we can carry items and babies at the same time? Many times babies are born when you are out foraging for supplies and you have to leave them behind when a baby is born, this would help with that tremendously!


Ya, I think better carrying items would be good. Maybe making better backpacks with leather or something. Idk if theres leather further in the game, but it would be a more durable material.
They’d be able to carry more and longer decay, if any.


I know basket and backpack and also the cart decay overtime. But , I want to throw them into the trash pit even they half decay or so on . So , what do you all think?


How about, deleting lookTimeDB at server relaunching.
All transition will be reset.

The things people really care about that degrade are baskets carts and cloths. My solution would be new variations that dont degrade that require higher techs.

  1. Baskets/Backpacks: we have rubber already this means we could make plastic baskets.
  2. Clothes we could make shoes with rubber bottoms or rubber boots.
  3. Carts: carrs already have perminant fixes since horse carts cant degrade but if you want rubber tires the will eventually degrade. We should just be able to make a horse cart with rubber tires.

Also vulcanised rubber is basically just plastic if its done a little difreantly. It could then be used to make plastic wares and such.


For the time being, we will treat this as a separate problem for Solo Server. My thought experiment goes like this:
Let’s say a person plays about two hours in a day (this is an average we have seen). The objects that should decay in 10 hours on a normal server (like baskets and clothes) will then decay every day on the Solo server, which means that for every 2 hours of play time, new clothes and baskets have to be made.

Solution: For items with a decay time which is measured in hours, we will apply a factor 12 on the decay time. For baskets, that means 120h decay time = 5 days. Playing 2 hours per day means that the decay time becomes 10h of play time, which is much more reasonable.

Note that trees will also grow slower and bell towers will stabilize slower, if you measure by clock time. If you measure in play time, it will be roughly equivalent to public servers though.

This change will go into effect together with the next app update (later this week). We will look forward to your feedback after you have been able to try it out.