Decay problem in private server

My partial adobe wall keeps decaying into adobe today, despite that my setting of decay exception includes architectures. It has never happened before and I wonder if it’s a bug :upside_down_face:?

this is a new feature in game. the walls will go back to adobe, when not build. partial adobe walls will probably get added to the decay exceptions so it wont decay.

thanks for pointing it out.

Ok then. I do hope the developers can add it into the decay exceptions, considering that it’s indeed architecture in the game. Although the partial adobe wall looks terrible up front, but I think it’s kind of cute looking when built sideways. I like the brownish-nude color, and it goes well with the pine door.

Btw, I’m building this pi/e room :rofl:


uuh i wish i could visit wry‘s π pie bakery :yum:

I’ll send you an invite to my server later. You can visit when I’m online. I haven’t filled it with pies though :wink: