Just wondering if objects cool down/decay if no one is around (ie a tree falling in the woods)

I have often spawned into an empty server and found a settlement with carrots ready to pick. Same with clothes in the area

So the question is - does clothes and other items decay when the area is inactive?

(Personally I think clothes and particularly baskets decaying is the worst thing to happen to this game)

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On the pc version each item has a decay timer. That counts down as long as the server is active. Regardless of whether there are players on or not. I assume this version is set up the same.

I agree decay all but wrecked the gameplay and forced a design change to citys that is only second to the apocalypse. I have been playing this game since a week after Jason made it public, I have seen the beautiful wonder this game started out as.

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Same here. I have been playing this game since day one.

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I find floppy baskets sometimes, probably from old player spots that have decayed over many hours.