Delete or Change Endblock

Theres an endblock in my village someone made. idk what to do with it, because i dont need it. can we change it so you can make an endblock into a torch holder? so at least you can use it for something else.



Just out of curiosity, what would the torch holder look like? Something like this?

i was thinking about this one. but yours could nicely fit on walls.

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Yes, I would like to see a wall torch that could hang on walls.


Yes I ve made endblock mistakenly several times as well :sweat_smile: it comes from OHOL, is used to reset servers like apocalypse used to be in this game. i’m not sure why YAH still has the craft coz it’s useless so far, so I would be glad if we can change it into something nice.

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It also deserves a name change if it’s no longer going to serve it’s original purpose.

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