Developers please see here I have big problem!!!!

My English is not good.But you must see it. My privateserver can’t get in.So I unloaded him.I bought it for 90days.But he disappeared.I have pictures and videos. Youcan have a look.lf the evidence is insufficient, you can callon me.mailbox:389768540@!


Hi! Sorry for the inconvenience. When you run the game in China, it sometimes has a bit of difficulty in connecting to the system (which is located outside of China), due to network issues. You can try to restart the app at a different time. We will also try to improve the accessibility of the system later. Thanks!


No!That’s not what I meant!Please have a look at the picture!I bought there solo play server 30 days!I uninstalled it and downloaded it again,90 days were disappeared ! I want you to sort out my finances!

Looks like they are saying they uninstalled the game and reinstalled to see if that would let them join their private server because the bad conection wouldnt let them conect to it.

But after reinstaling the game its not showing their private server at all. Might be because theres no in app way to restore purchases im guessing.

I suggest that you type your message in english then type it in your native language so that the developers have a better understanding.
They can use a translater for what they dont understand and can use context clues for the English part to better understand the issues you are having.


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Sorry about this. I don’t know what went wrong, but we will quickly set it right.
In order to find out what has gone wrong and to fix it for you, we need to know your Player ID. Could you use the button in the settings dialog to send us an email? The app will automatically attach your Player ID to this email.


So that’s where that button is…

这个东西 我不太会弄 我不知道现在是不是在回复你 我的问题是昨晚我买了游戏以后 内购了三个月的私人服务器 就是自己一个人玩的服务器 然后之后开始进不去了一直让我重试 所以我就想可能卸载重新下一遍就好了 然后我就重新下载了一遍 然后我恢复购买了好几次 但是发现我的九十天私服已经没有了 就是变成让我重新充钱 我不知道该怎么办 不知道怎么沟通 小姐姐 如果你看到这个回复可以帮帮我吗

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不是我不想发 是我点击这个按钮之后 邮箱提示我发不出去🥺

你可以查一下我的id 我的id确实消费了😭


没有用 我的邮箱绑定不了iphone那个邮件APP

@Christoffer He can’t send the bug report, the system says it didn’t send

He doesn’t even have to send it. Just copy the generated information and PM it to me here.
The info looks something like this:

Encrypted UUID: cFJlCKTHgC/TnwwpSBTEr89kvpAUiFOz/XALai1PQKH+GRQaPuQ9BQdspTGc/3fjQZX2wKXWME5X1baMifUjFdHorHmoFOpmLGrZViGtgYGFH62xin1Hl0mVINrX/Cm+rQcJFo/bhR55yx9zrtUxqK9VxypNlON/P0xV+Er

@Zhuyina 你點擊後有沒有出現一串碼, 像這樣

複製後傳訊息給 @Christoffer

我从游戏里面点那个错误报告 然后需要邮箱发送 但是我邮箱绑定不了苹果那个邮件APP 一直说我错误 不能发送

@Christoffer When he press the button it goes to the email app, but because his email can’t link to the app it refuses to open so he can’t get the info.

The other thing he can do is to share a family link then. That link also contains information about his player ID.
(Thanks for helping out :+1:)

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