Did you just develop this game and not manage it?

Christoffer has already stated the limitations of banning due to how the apple store handles IDs several times already. I don’t think it has anything to do with him just being lazy or not wanting to do it. Extending donkey town time will not work either since all you have to do is chill with the phone nearby and eat for the allotted punishment time. Maybe you should make the donkeytown people do the east vs west challenge by themselves. That way they have to learn crafting and farming etc…

You will always encounter griefers in any game you play. If you want to play on the public servers and open up your village to randoms, you have to accept that there will be people that will grief your village and if it effects you so much emotionally, then you really should play on a private server with your friends. A private server is the only option you have right now to build a city that will be griefer free. You can also eat a crushed carrot seed to restrict other players from being born into your city or if you want to open it up to your friends, then you need to let the babies that you don’t recognize die.


Really like the west vs east challenge idea! bonus if its easier to install/apply as the map itself is already designed!

i like the idea. the banned player chooses a server and spawns on the same server tho. the challenge would have to be on the same server but like far away. kinda think that would mean to reset the server to build the challange arena there. i guess that would wipe out all the cities.

Just here to clear up some things:

1.Keeping experienced players around to help new players learn is an important part of the game. So we don’t encourage all players to move to private servers. Only the ones that want 100% guaranteed griefer free option. (Running and maintaining servers cost money that’s why you pay for them) And yes this is the only way to 100% avoid all griefers in a multiplayer game.

2.We have to choose what updates to focus on, if we spend time on griefer updates we won’t have time to make other stuff. Meaning you won’t get any cool new tools or items for a few months, just griefer updates. So unless it’s a big issue for many players (feel free to voice your experience), or it will be hard to justify putting a few players needs over the overall needs of all the players. (With that being said I will still be looking into the possibility of recovering trees and such that will likely benefit more players)

3.Feel free to express your needs without being rude about it or assuming devs don’t care. If we didn’t care about the game or players then we wouldn’t be making a mining update that took months from designing to publishing and still go on to fix the balance. (Any further discussion about the mines please go to Upcoming update (Mining and Christmas) / 鉱脈とクリスマスのアップデート )


About the new game. It will have a totally different tone from YAH, which I personally think that there will still be bigger fans of YAH over the new game. The new game also might attract more player to YAH in the future.

Since it’s a fresh start, we can at least start the prevention of griefers from early game design. Which we have to try to work with the system in an existing game.


that’s a very good idea!