Did you knew that this game is an Unofficial vertion?

I want to make a point of something that is happening in our community. A disputed that I just found about it today…

You can find more details here: https://forum.onehouronelife.app/t/a-developing-situation-with-jason/3957

We want to know how many of us knew that this game is an Unofficial adaptation of the original (One Hour One Life) game made by Jason Rohrer for PC.

  • I always knew that this game was unofficial.
  • I thought this game was officially made by Jason at the beginning. I found out about it after.
  • I just found out about it.

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Thank for your vote. The developers are trying to fix the problem and correct this miss understanding as soon as possible.

Most ports are unofficial, no?

Yah most ports are. Also i believe its always said so in the descreption. Or at least it was when i bought it on google play. Maybe it just wasnt clear in other languages but i think most players just saw the high rating and assumed it was an official port without reading the description of the game.

I think the problem started in the Chinese and or Japanese version.
Maybe they got something messed up in the translation…


I do not read the explanation of appstore and I missed the game title logo.
I found OHOL on Youtube or Twitter. Json and OHOL pc were not interest.
Youtube hits higher than official even if I google.

So, I am not pay attention to the history of OHOL.

Therefore, when a third party introduces OHOL, you should command forcely “OHOL mobile is an unadaptive game”.


Good to know. Thanks for your honest response.