The dirt is piling up when you dig a ditch for water or for bricks. And there are not that many uses for dirt.

I thought maybe it could be used to make compost or for building walls.

Are there any other ideas, what the dirt could be used for?

Feel free to comment :slight_smile:


More bricks
Just… MORE bricks >:3

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-Compost bin:
a compost bin can hold 3 compost piles.
We could make a recipe that uses dirt and a bowl of threshed wheat.
You need to swipe the compost bin with a wheel barrow to get a wheelbarrow with compost pile.
Also add in the update to make compost piles relocatable with a wheelbarrow.

-fill up empty sand pits:
Allow the player to remove sandpits by filling them up.
The sandpit will dissapear after a hour after its filled up by 1 dirt.
This makes the dessert areas more suitable for villages and the player gets rid of dirt at the same time.

-brick walls:
Adding brick walls, i know they would look alot like the stone ones, but with the brick walls you have a option to paint them.
It would be a reasonable update and at the same time a great new look to the game.

-Dirt pathways:
Can be made by hitting stakes 4 times and putting dirt on it.
The dirt tiles dont give a speed bonus but are made for decorational purposes like designing barns, farm or off road pathways.


The idea I wrote before.
Remove the clay from the mud.
I haven’t actually tried it, so I don’t know if I can really take it out.


@Kingc3530 uh i like the idea of having a new road type and having brick walls :slight_smile:
@mia.a good idea to be able to transform dirt into clay :slight_smile: so you can use it to make more walls

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There are objects you can‘t get rid of like a collapsed iron mine. Can we change it so when you fill a collapsed iron mine with dirt it will disappear? That would be nice. Im building a road and have to build around the collapsed iron mine, altho it has absolute no use anymore.


for the new road type. how would you get the stakes back after you put dirt on it?

how about use a hoe to spread the dirt on the tile? and the stakes would end up on top of the new road tile.

I also like the idea to be able to make clay again using the dirt like @mia.a already mentioned. Maybe we can just fill up empty clay pits with dirt again (and add something else that is likely needed for clay) and after time it turns into a full clay pit again (or putting dirt into a trash pit, adding water and after time it becomes a clay pit?). I think it’s more likely to let „nature create clay“ than making it manually in a box? But I am not an expert in this :sweat_smile:

Also more and more bricks would be awesome :ok_hand:t2: I am a fan of brick walls!

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Also the dirt pathways would be a nice way to design a farm in my opinion. It is an easy way to get rid of all the dirt and also a more suitable floor for farms. I like this idea from @Kingc3530

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Yes we can. Consider it done!


I am considering more uses for dirt in the future, btw.
For now, you will see that the wind slowly blows away dirt from piles, and that dug holes slowly will fill up with dirt again.

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