Dish up

Hi, ive been thinking for some time that it would bee an improvement if we could combine food items on a large serving plate (current large plate or make a new long serving plate). Many items, especially potatoes and fryed fish are not much fun and kinda useless to produce at the moment, but if they could be served up (f.ex in the combo 4baked potatoes+ 1fryed fish+ Bowl of sauerkraut) they would be more useful. The finished dish could be cut up and eaten by using a knife and smaller plates like is now the case with the turkey. Mutton stakes, rice, baked beans and other food items to come could make up other comboes.


cool idea :heart_eyes: a big plate for serving a good healthy meal. and everyone can get a small plate of it. also potatoes and fish go so well together and some veggies on the side like sauerkraut or green beans :yum: i like it.

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