Do carrot stacks disappear when placed on the ground?

Recently i saw someone get warned for picking all the carrots and stacking them on the ground. The banisher claimed that carrots, when stacked on the ground, would disappear after a short amount of time. Is this true? Is it intended or a bug?

The preferred method for harvesting carrots seems to be collecting them in a labelled crock, or not harvesting them at all until needed.

I know the devs have always encouraged players to grow carrots instead of berry bushes, but all these complications with carrots show how unfeasible it is. In fact people often get banished for eating carrots, because they are only to be used for sheep food/compost.

Yes the carrots disappear over time, if you put them on the ground. I thought this happens to berries too, if you put them on the ground (but maybe im wrong). So planted carrots turn into seeds after a while. therefor i either don’t water the tiles till i need carrots or i put the grown carrots in a crock.


If you’re ever in a pinch, I read on the wiki that the carrots don’t “age” inside of bowls, so sometimes when I don’t have a crock with note ready, I just get a bunch of bowls and keep the carrots there until I add a bowl of berries and do whatever.


They also age much slower in baskets than on bare ground, and a carrot basket can hold 5 carrots. I suggest using more baskets, since you can also harvest a full row of carrots in one move using a basket.


The baskets dont seem to decay as fast then either! Whenever i have an extra basket and no empty crock, i water some carrots:)

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