Do the natural resources re-populate?

Hey, I am wondering if the random scattered natural resources, like flat stones, raw iron, etc. ever respawn over some time? The world will eventually get picked clean if not, right?


If no one passes by for a month or so, it will

Haha, so I need to stop searching, I guess! Looks like my little camp will be a no-blacksmithing camp for the foreseeable future! :crazy_face: :grimacing:

Are you unable to make a cave mine?

I have no idea how…have never seen one to research!

Making a mine cave requires at least three iron pieces if you include the pickaxe.
I’ll try to find you the recipe. You’ll need to find some iron from far away and very quickly take it to camp.
Make sure when you’re clearing out the bear cave you have 9 stones to the right of the cave lined up so you can move around. A bow and 3 arrows and maybe some food right below the stones.
When trigger the bear and be sure to stay on a tile with stone. Kill the bear as it charges at you then put 2 tied shafts on the empty cave so the bear doesn’t respawn. The book will tell you what to add next.
If you have any broken steel tools combine two of them for scrap steel then fire that.


Ok, I have ONE iron right now (and a smithing hammer). I was going to use it for a shovel or an axe, since those seem to be crucial for so many things (wells, composting, building fences). But I can make a pickaxe…what would the third iron be for?

I have to kill the bear? Which takes…three arrows, you said? I have not done much hunting, but I can try! What does “trigger the bear” mean–poke the cave?

Also, I did not realize that two broken steel tools could be combined to re-use the metal—yay! If I ever get that far, that is great to know.

Thank you for all this!

You will need two other irons, one to make a steel blade which you’ll attach to boards, and the other for a spring. For the spring make another blade and make sure its hot then add it to a bowl then to a bowl of water. You’ll need to fire it in a regular oven after that. Add 4 wooden wheels to another piece of boards then the spring.

If you have a horse cart I would search for the iron farther away from your camp.

You’re also going to need explosives. Take some clay and add it to a rock, then cut the rock out with a knife. Fire that and add black powder and rope.

Black powder- sulfur(collect wkth bowl from desert hotspring) niter( also in desert) and charcoal.

Yep tap the cave twice just make sure you quickly get to a used tile.

Its no problem!

Wow…ok, this will take a while. I appreciate all the info, for sure!

And hey–I found something called an “iron vein” I think…can this become a mine, too? Without the bear fight? Hahaha!

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Oh that’s great iron veins are a lot easier. Just hit it with a pickaxe then add a well kit. Attach a basket and hit the vein again with the pick

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Awesome! Thanks!

I made a mine!!! Thanks for all the help!

But all I am getting out of it are rocks!?! Like 6-7 baskets full of rocks…what did I do wrong?


you did everything right. use the axe once more on the piles and you get ore :slight_smile:


Oh, yay! Thanks!