Do we have tomatoes?

Or chili peppers or apples?

I thought the original game had these, and therefore we did as well. I have a private server and have roamed the tropics looking for tomato plants, but haven’t come across any at all. I know they are uncommon, but I was wondering if anyone here has come across them?

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They might’ve been added to the PC version of OHOL after the mobile version of OHOL turned into YAH.

no they are not in the game.

in june 2019 christoffer did the hard fork and develops the game since then independent of what OHOL is doing.

the new stuff YAH has you find in the upgrade topics with the number 2.0.0 and higher. there is lots of content YAH has that OHOL has not.

If you come up with an idea of content you can suggest it in this forum. Maybe others find it interesting too.