Do you all think that village are getting closer and closer?

I have been playing japan server for a long time . In this 2 or 1 week , I play in japan-5. However this few days especially yesterday and today , I notice that it is getting easier to find old village or another village near the village we built . Anyone have any thought ? Any theory of why? Or it is just my imagination.

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Uh, the Eve spiral?

That is because the Eve spiral algorithm:


You can read the full post on the original game forum. You can also Wiki anything that you are willing to learn. This unofficial vesion of the game is 90% similar the the original one…

Here is the link of the full Eve Spiral post.


As long as I know , eve in international server spawn near each other . In japan server , this rarely happens as the server is always full . The thing that triggers me is yup , in many lives before yesterday and today , it is a rare occurrence to find a old village . Call it a celebration. But then , for 1/2 of my lives (I play a lot ) , I somehow meet a lot of people who found abandoned villages including my mum , and myself being borned in abandoned village . :sweat: ok , I don’t really like to be borned into too developed village and many Japanese too don’t like as there is nothing else to do (nothing to improve but to build radio which many people can’t ). It just feel weird .

And that is why we have the apocalypse. When the server gets to crowded with abandoned villages, we can do the ritual and reset everything.

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Ty, i wanted to know more about this.

Whe had no girls, so i headed out to try and find Some. Whe where in a giant green space and there i found like 6 Camps, but with no people…

You wealcome. Fell free to ask anything else that you need to know.

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Ty! Christoffer was right you are a good moderator!


Thank you

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He truly is!

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