Dog Guide

Breeding Dogs

Wolf-1 Collie Puppy, 1 German Shepard Puppy, and 1 Wolf Puppy

Collie-1 Poodle Puppy, 1 Airedale Puppy, and 1 Collie Puppy

German Shepard-1 Beagle Puppy, 1 Pibble Puppy, and 1 German Shepard Puppy

Poodle-3 Poodle Puppies

Airedale-1 Dachshund Puppy, 1 Schnauzer Puppy, and 1 Airedale Puppy

Beagle-3 Beagle Puppies

Pibble-3 Pibble Puppies

Dachshund-2 Dachshund Puppies and 1 Chihuahua Puppy

Schnauzer-3 Schnauzer Puppies

Chihuahua-3 Chihuahua Puppies

Loyal Dogs

Loyal Collie-Cooked Goose/Cooked Domesticated Goose-Protects You

Loyal German Shepard-Cooked Fish-Protects You

Loyal Poodle-Turkey Drumstick-Does Nothing but Follows and Stays

Loyal Airedale-Baked Bread-Does Nothing but Follows and Stays

Loyal Beagle-Cooked Rabbit-Hunts Rabbits

Loyal Pibble-Cooked Mutton-Protects You

Loyal Dachshund-Onigiri-Does Nothing but Follows and Stays

Loyal Schnauzer-Egg Halves aka Boiled and Cut Up Eggs-Does Nothing but Follows and Stays

Loyal Chihuahua-Bowl of Honey-Does Nothing but Follows and Stays

Never pick up a puppy without prepared food first or the puppy will starve and die. You can feed pups carnitas which is cooked pork. You get pork from boars, domesticated boars, and pigs. You turn the pork into carnitas by putting pork in a bowl and cooking it over hot coals, you can cook multiple bowls of pork at once, as many bowls as you can spare. Puppy’s that are fed carnitas can have puppies after they become adults. You have to feed a dog raw mutton for it to have puppy’s. If you want a loyal dog you have to feed it it’s special/favorite food as a puppy instead of carnitas. Dogs are only loyal to the person who fed it it’s special/favorite food as a puppy. You can name dogs that are loyal to you. When you have a loyal dog there is an icon at the bottom with a dog image. This icon allows you to control wether your dog stays or follows. When the puppy grows to be an adult you can have it do it’s special action by tapping the dog icon and tapping on the special action option. Loyal dogs live for 20 minutes/20 years like real dogs. You have to feed loyal dogs throughout their life though or they will starve and die. You can feed your dog literally anything that is food. You can tell if your dog is hungry by tapping on it and it shows you how much energy they have, the most energy they can have is 20 and all dogs have up to 20. If your dog is following you, but suddenly stops and stays frozen, it means it’s starving and you have to feed it, but it will stay frozen until you do, and don’t wait to feed it, cause again, loyal dogs starve and die if you don’t feed them. You can’t breed loyal dogs.


It’s much more neat in the Notes on my phone and has more spaces in between which makes it much easier to read. I’m sorry. It’s super dumb you can’t put more spaces in between to make things more neat and easier to read. It’s messing with my OCD too, it looks terrible. -_- I’m sorry, I did my best. Not my fault. I’m sorry that you guys will have to suffer cause of it though and have to read much more carefully. =[

Here is a video about OCD that is both funny and relatable to me. XD


Wait. I try beagle but it didn’t have option to hunt. Or should I have to be close to the rabbit hole?

Also, we need more hunting dogs. I’ve been breeding dogs to find hunting dogs but all I get is protect dog.

You have to be Close to rabbit holes in order that your Beagle hunts. You have to click on the Dog button then the hunting order should be displayed. If you click on it without being near any rabbits, the Dog won’t do anything. Only adult dogs have special abilities. Maybe your Dog was still a puppy when you checked?

I also have a further information. Since this list was written before the Update. Schnauzer are able to hunt treasures now at blueberry bushes. Let them search for a treasure, then dig at the spot with a shovel to find something. :slight_smile:

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I’m pretty sure he’s adult dog since I know baby dogs can’t do their special things. Let me try again breeding them tomorrow.

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Turns out it was airadale that I’ve been breeding, not beagle. I also has tips. Makes sure you breed this three type of dogs: pit bull, beagle, and schnauzer.

Pit bull can protect and also breed three puppies of the same kind. So if you need another puppy, you can easily take another pit bull. But pitbull could be dangerous cause there’s mean pitbull

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