Dog Ideas and Thoughts

I think that the dogs in the game are really cute. However, they kind of just…exist without any purpose. First off, a new item added to the game; A leash. That way, you can walk any age of dog anywhere. If your village is relocating, you can bring the dog with you. Crates. I saw another post on Crates used to capture wild animals. I think that you should be able to put puppies in small crates (puppies will not grow older, and starve slower) and larger dogs in larger crates. Now for the ideas.


I think that dogs should follow you if you feed them a specific item of food. Maybe you can make dog treats using meat? Dogs should follow you and you can track your dog’s location when you travel if it is left behind. If a dog dies, the tracking area disappears or turns red until you find the body, then it disappears. The following dogs will attack boars, snakes, and wild wolves (not bears). Though it is a rare occurrence, some dogs will get killed by said animals. Pit bulls and German Shepherds are more likely to survive attacks than the other dogs.

  1. Breeding

To avoid the breeding of dogs you do not want in your village, such as Pit Bulls, then simply get two dogs of the same (or different breed) and put them in the same pen close to each other. One will become pregnant with puppies while the other will “guard” the mother of the puppies. Both have to be fed. If you only have one dog, they will breed the normal set of pups for their type. You can breed two siblings together, but the dogs bred by siblings are more likely to die if attacked.

  1. More Dog Breeds

Adding more dog breeds can make it so that there can be a town breeder. The town breeder can breed dogs to make followers that are more beneficial to the town. If a war has started, you can add clothes to a dog to create a war dog. If you take out your war sword and begin to kill an intruding group of people, the dog will assist. I know that would be hard to do, but it would be so cool if dogs could assist you in wars. Smaller dog breeds will do less damage as war dogs and will typically only be bred for house dogs only.

  1. Stray dogs

Sometimes, dogs can spawn in the world at random. They will gravitate towards the nearest human. It may be an eve, a small family, a town, or a mega-city. The dog will also be breedable. It would be a randomized breed

This doesn’t really count as a new addition to the whole dogs feature, but can we please make puppy food out of something other than pork. Maybe mutton would work? Or beef. Every time I spawn in, I have to create a whole pig farm just to get a tiny little puppy.


Though he was talking about other features id suggested for dogs this applys here to lol. They are working on trying to figure out away to implement smart mechanics for the game ai characters.

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Maybe you can put a tracking device on the dog instead of feeding it?

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