Dog sled for snow biome

How about a sled for the snow biome?

Use some straight branches with curved branches for the runners, a wooden board for the seat and 2 blades for runners to be faster. Use the file on the runners. Use oli on a wool pad for the finishing of the runners. Add a lasso at the end.

The world is flat so you wont go anywhere with it. Thats why you need a strong dog who can pull you around. So feed a dog and combine the sled with the dog. This only works in the snow biome of course. Now you can race each other in the snow biome. The dog wont die this way. And even kids can use the sled.


Ima use poodles .3.
Or sausage dogos .3.

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this gonna look funny :joy: maybe different dogs have different speed :wink: if you use poodles it will be 1/4 of walking speed.

i recommend either the collie or the shepard. or maybe we can have a new dog: huskys!


I was thinking what is the use of having something that works only on a particular biome until I came to the part of racing!:smiley:
Yes, idea of racing is good and sounds exciting.
It can be a type of weekend events!!:+1::+1::+1:
(Only concern is work load of the dev team. Eagerly waiting for YAH sequel🙄)


Great Idea! And I love that Huskies could be added for this. It would be much fun and a great reason to build a town not too far from a snow biom.


Nah I think using Chihuahuas would be really funny also could you use semi tamed wolfs.
Also this will be a really good use for dogs plus we can have dogs live forever