Dogs in England are used for bird hunting. When the hunter shoots a bird the dog will find it and bring it back to the owner.

In the ancient Egypt dogs were kept as pets and they even had funerals for them.

Dogs are being used to protect the owner from an an attacker, or griefer that is if you train the dog to do so.

In eastern Europe, villagers use dogs to herd sheep and cows and protect cows from intruders or any human or wild animal that might cause harm to your herd.

Lastly, I grew up in Romania where bears actually do come to the city and they look for food, they steal sheep to eat them. But they rarely ever attack humans. It doesn’t make much sense to me that the bears in the game just come to a village to attack everyone for no reason. That doesn’t make sense in real life. The danger is when the bear steals your food and they only attack humans when it’s a female bear with cubs.


Dogs are just added to the desktop version. They are a little useless right now.

Bears are probably used to add roaming danger. Wolves could do the same, but bears can take more hits, upping the feeling of dread when they come around.
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