Don't cut all tree

Sometimes when a village finally has an axe, they cut down all the tree. It’s very annoying because it makes it hard to find long straight shaft. At least they should has left the maple trees because it’s very useful to make new tool. I have to walk very long path to find one.


That’s a serious offense and is, in my book, considered griefing. If the chopper is told once to stop and they don’t, well, they then deserve a poke with an arrow or knife.



I was once born in a beautiful, large town and my mom showed me that a griefer had just clear cut every single branch-giving tree one could reach in a lifetime. Every one. I don’t even know how it was possible, but man… it was depressing.

You gotta grow them eventually I guess. Larger towns might even lock up maple cuttings in a chest so they don’t run out entirely