Don't dosmeticated raspberry

So i tried the new plant and dosmeticated it. Turns out it’s better to harvest one from the wild rather than to dosmeticated it. Wild raspberry doesn’t need tobe tamed and keep producing raspberry, although it was one berries short but it still worth it.

Domestic raspberry in the other hand, it needs to be water every time the plant done fruiting, even if we didn’t harvest the berry or leave one berries on the plant. It’s too much works for a plant. If we didn’t harvest the berries in time, the plant will still be dried and we need to water it again.


I think its worth it to have 1 bluebery and raspberry plants near the kitchen for cooking the cakes and for people who use food bonuses. But its definetly not worth it to have it in the main berry farm or to make a large farm for them.

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They are good for when you have no soil and are trying to make compost because you only need soil to put them in the ground, plus raspberry’s don’t deteriorate if they are in a bowl

When I don’t pick all the berries it does still produce without water. From what I seen. Wish we could duplicate them instead of just move them.