Dropping out of mum’s arms -?change to click function

I’m always frustrated as a baby that I can’t tap on anything - weather an item or a person to see their name without dropping out of my mums arms. This doubly so when I miss the keyboard icon when I try to talk.

Same goes when you get an inexperienced player that wants to tap on everything around you to see what they are called and all you want to do is hold your newborn so you can carry them home

Wondering if - when you are too young to pick anything up you could change it so that tapping on an item just brings up the name and doesn’t make you try to pick it up. And then tapping on a tile makes you move there??


Yeah that is releatable

From update v0.9.10 you can touch and hold on an object/person to only show the information of it without raising any action. This should solve your problem!


Omg tis is so good :open_mouth:

Perfect!!! I claim the change as my idea!!

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