I would love to see more objects using electricity so maybe if I explain how the basic components work it can be reached.

W.I.R.E. the four main components that make up electricity.

E aka Volts (Voltage). This is the initial electromotive force being introduced into an electrical system. It uses the difference of electrical charge to be able to move electrons throughout a circuit so a circuit will always need a return path to work.

R aka Ohms (Resistance). This is how much the material resists moving electrons. Copper is one of the currently known best and widely available conductors.

I aka Ampheres (Current). This is what determines how much voltage is amplified by to determine watts, reason being electromotive force is affected by the resistance of a material and how much of the material is present at any given time in a circuit to move more electrons.

W aka Watts (power). This is the amount of work electricity can do. It is the initial electromotive force amplified by the current.

Here’s a little extra info.

Generators create a difference in electrical charge by using mechanical movement.

Batteries have 2 chemicals that have different charges to create an electrical charge when put into a circuit.

There is no other way to store electricity other than through other materials such as water. Hydro electric dams for example could pump water up using electricity and when electrical consumption for homes and business exceed what is being produced by other methods the stored water is then let down to produce more electricity.


The developers should just add flying cars and spaceships while they’re at it. :laughing: