Eternal Cities Event (2.0)

The event this weekend will allow all participants to build as much as they like on the cities of their own choosing. You will always know how to get back to your favorite town.
In addition, this is the release event for the Peace Lily Monument technology.

The Roads
There will be a grid of roads in this world. Every crossroads will be marked with letters, so it will be easy to know where you are and how to get where you want to go. Example: A friend has said that they are building a city close to the C-D crossroads. You join the event and get spawned close to E-E. You can then easily run two road lengths to the left and one down to find your friends.

The Crossroads
Around each crossroads there is a 5x5 tile area with a cistern in the middle. The cisterns can be used as foundations for a Peace Lily Monuments. You can use these as places to meet people from other civilizations and do trading and diplomacy, especially if everyone can be certain that they can’t be killed in the process.

Getting reborn
You will be reborn as close as possible to where you died. We are disabling the lineage ban, so it will be possible to be born back to the same family line. If you don’t get born where you like to be, you can just use the roads to get there.

Donkey Town
Players with too many curse points will get born in Donkey Town, which is pretty far away from the grid.


I can never join events cause my latency is always like 500. Looks like fun tho

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This is going to be so fun!

Wow sounds awesome : )

It looks like either the signs were unlocked or never locked lol. There are no signs at any crossroad

That’s actually quite hilarious. Someone must have spent a decent amount of time executing that prank.
Let’s see if anyone decides to add roads to the grid just to confuse people :smile:

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Thank you @Christoffer! Love this event

Did you ever discuss the immunization idea for yellow fever?

Maybe if you get it before your 14-15 eve age, your immune until your at least 40 from yellow fever. Something like that, but if it causes other problems or takes away from Jason’s idea then I understand.

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They did. In the left uper corner of the map, there is a long road leadin to nowhere. Lol


I actually think that if you get the feaver 2 times you should be immune to it, like in real life. The moskitos are quite annoying in real life too, so…


Im always at a Japanese server…how do i change it to english server? There is only one option for me for the weekly event…pls can anyone help me change it to an english server? I need to talk to people, everyone is Japanese whenever i reborn.

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Are the roads gone? I can’t find any :frowning:

I love this game :heart_eyes:

Thats cus the Event server is a shared server and the majority of ohol players are curently japanese

The server is shared with everyone. We have to pick a coordinated for us.

When are we going to be able to born with twins ban I said it so bad

Will we have this event next weekend ?

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I loved it! Thank you guys!

Do you want more of the same then? :slight_smile:


I think you should start a vote for this event. People seen to like it. I had a blast in it.
Also I don’t know what happened this weekend, but we had a boom in all the servers. The event was almost always full, and the US server had more than 30 people all the time.

The Event did seem to be a game mode people enjoy, providing a break from the traditional selfless work for a city. By the way, would it be possible to create different servers for these events? If you don’t live in America it’s hard to do anything and most players are from Japan anyway

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