Eternal cities event comeback?

Normaly, the players we have on english-servers are around the 25. Plus the private server players, 75. With Asian servers we have 200 players. That seems a lot, but OHOL gets a lot more players. So what about bringing the eternal cities event back? That was fun! And i’m sure we will get some new players.


Eternal cities was also my favorite event. I agree that it should be brought back! :slight_smile:

Eternal Cities… will return… not not soon.

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eternal cities need to come back because they are eternal

*joke drum sound *

You have my vote for the Eternal City event.

Eternal Cities is on for this very weekend. How’s that for not not soon, huh? We just have to convert the logic and map to the current data- and server versions.

There will be one server in East Asia and one on US east.

What marvels will you achieve in a weekend of unlimited, collaborative building?..


Thank you for listening! That would be fun again. I wonder what big cities will be created now…

No problemo. We were due for another event and EC is usually very popular, so it is a safe choice.