(Europe-2-cc’s home) u kill a Chinese people because of misunderstanding

Yes I m a citizen from Europe-2 .My name is cc.
Today, I keep a cute daughter, Lily. And my Lily keeps her son,Jake.

Lily went outside and wanted to keep a wolf.Unfortunately, she was bitten. And I passed by her, and watched her with so many blood. I tried to help.

But in that time,Jake just walked to us by coincidence. And he said, I kill her mother. Okay, you said what? I didn’t know what happen at all. so I guessed he must misunderstand.And I try to explain, but I couldn’t . He just killed me without batting an eye. Even I couldn’t tell him the truth.

So my friend wanted to protect the left people Then they killed Jake.I m so sorry for that. but I couldn’t understand why u leave me a message in the end. ■■■■■■■ Chinese? Okay, You did this. And you blamed all Chinese? That’s definitely a joke! We cant stand with the words like that!

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i was there (alex) and saw how jake was killing your son =(
jake got cursed 3 times and vanished
i hate it when people cant play with others

I was there too. I cursed him and got knived.

oh no that was you who got killed?

Probably? I was wearing a Christmas hat

yes you did. i took the hat after we cursed him. i hope he is now in donkey town.

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If they got cursed three times they definatley went to donkey town.

Hello cheese welcome to the forums. Im sorry to hear about what happened. Theres two active chinese griefers on the eu server that play together. So you were most likely mistaken to be one of them.

There is something i can recomend if you have a good grasp on the english language and that would to be to swith english to your primary language in the settings.
It will switch all of the in game text to english but it will also make it so that when you name your self and your babys no chinese text will apear making it less kely for people to target you.

If we get enough chinese speaking players in the game then there will definatley be a chinese server opened for you to play in.

yes. Thank you for your advice.
Your r a nice person
Today , I ve also been cursed by a baby when I didn’t keep her
I ve already said sry. Next time I ll explain much more clearly
Thank u again

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As far as I know, there are already many Chinese people playing this game ,It’s just that we all play with Japanese .Most of us play games like other good players .Griefers are only a small part of us.


I am one of the Chinese who play in EU for long time (but now I mainly play in private server), using Chinese version for the game is perfectly ok, and I meet nice ppl there although they see Chinese when I name them. But as Mandrake said, I found 2 Chinese griefers on EU and they grief EVERY SINGLE TOWN THEY FOUND. So pls beware of them when you play there.


Wel, some people are just like that. Finally you reach your eve town again, and you got murdered! Oh, and i am the second eve, wel, was. After this we decided to not keep any more babies. Even a baby who got fed and almost turned 3 and begged to stay. We still couldn’t trust anyone. We explained, but still said pls. I hope the babies understand we can’t always keep them, even if they are good persons.

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yes we’ve already build the wall up.
We will take care.

Yes. There are always someone failed our trust

Guess if we born to their kids, we need to curse them on observation mode.

because you hv different timezone with them, you can hardly born as their kids

I owned the biggest walled city in EU, in my experience, you hv to use double layer wall to prevent griefing, cos you can spawn inside if u only got single layer. build two layers of wall, don’t put keys between the layers, then u are free from griefing (don’t use same keys for both wall’s door), also, build more doors to prevent griefers stuck your door. Making dry compost outside door is good to prevent doors being stuck too

Hmm… But I do have the same time zone as as them. But I never played on Eu.