Eve Camp Tutorial For New Players

So, you seem to be up to the challenge of starting an eve camp, great! First step is to name yourself, well… of course. Then run until you find a green area with lots of berries with a swamp nearby.

Next, make 3 baskets and 3 adobe. Make the adobe into a kiln. Then, search for milkweed. You will need 12 milkweed for this step to make 3 rope.

Make a bow drill and hatchet and save the last one for later. Then grab some clay and make bowls and plates. After that, make 2 kindling with the hatchet, one for kiln, one for fire. Make 2 tongs for firing the clay. Then, start a fire and use a long straight shaft on a fire to make a firebrand, use the firebrand on the kiln and quickly pick up the bowls and plates and fire them.

Then with your last rope you saved you can choose to either make a snare or a hoe, I recommend how because you will start farming soon. Use a basket to pick up soil and lay it where you want it. I reccomend using a 5x2 row of soil and then take one soil from each plot to create the third row. Then, make gooseberry seeds by using a flint chip on a gooseberry. Use a hoe or skewer to turn all the soil into deep tilled rows. Then, plant your seeds in the deep tilled rows and take water from the nearby goose ponds with a bowl to water your crops.

Also, something I forgot to mention, after you have a kiln and a fire you should raise babies up to help and continue your legacy.

Where was I? Oh, yeah, farm carrots until your berry bushes grow berries. Next, obtain rabbits, you don’t have to wait until this step to get rabbits but I recommend getting rabbits after you have bowls and plates.

Use a rope and stakes to create a snare and go to a nearby yellow biome (Plains) to catch rabbits. Bring a basket to carry home multiple rabbits. Once you get home skin the rabbits and roast them over embers. Eat the rabbit and drop it and pick it up again to reveal a bone. Use a flint chip on this bone to make a bone needle. Combine a string with the bone needle and you are ready to sew.

Cut a rabbit fur and then sew it together to make a water pouch. Use the water pouch on tongs to make half bellows. Use a skewer on clay to create a bellows nozzle. Fire the nozzle in the kiln like how you had fired bowls earlier. Use the nozzle on the half bellows to make bellows. You might be very old now, so you can bid farewell and have a satisfying death of old age.



Round Stone + Big Hard Rock = Sharp Stone

Sharp Stone + Flint = Flint Chips

Sharp Stone + Straight Branch = Long Straight Shaft

Sharp Stone + Long Straight Shaft = Short shaft

Sharp Stone + Curved Branch = Curved Shaft

Sharp Stone + Short Shaft = Stakes

Clay + Reeds = Adobe

Round Stone + Adobe = Adobe Oven Base

Adobe + Adobe Oven Base = Adobe Oven

Adobe + Adobe Oven = Adobe Kiln

Milkweed Stalk + Milkweed Stalk = Thread

Thread + Thread = Rope

Rope + Curved Shaft = Bow Drill Bow

Bow Drill Bow + Short Shaft = Fire Bow Drill

Rope + Short Shaft = Tied Short Shaft

Sharp Stone + Tied Short Shaft = Stone Hatchet

Rope + Long Straight Shaft = Tied Shaft

Tied Shaft + Sharp Stone = Stone Hoe

Rope + Stakes = Snare

Skewer + Round Stone = Home Marker

Dead Rabbit + Flint Chip = Rabbit Fur + Skinner Rabbit

Fire + Kindling = Large Fast afire

Fire + Time = Embers

Embers + Time = Ashes

Skewered Rabbit + Embers = Cooked Rabbit

Cool that you made a tutorial, but it’s hard to read because it’s a wall of text. I suggest separating it in chunks.

A few suggestions:
After naming self, the next step should be making a sharp stone. Then, it’s planting a home marker. It’s a good idea to make an extra adobe to make charcoal after baking all the stuff. I would also make a nozzle and baked it at the same time as plates and bowls. It’s good to be efficient, since getting kindling at this stage is tedious.

After raising kids, it’s probably a good idea to assign jobs to each of them. Things like collecting kindling. Fetching food, seeds, iron ore, eggs, soil, rabbits, water, making baskets, making steel tools, tending farm are all good options.

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Well charcoal isn’t necessary in the eve camp stage, as forging is a task for later generations, I tend to leave an extra adobe behind the kiln tho. And yes, you can assign your kids jobs, but I was mainly focusing on a single player.


By coincidence, I just started an Spanish guide too. The number of new players is forcing us (the veterans) to start making all sort of tutorials. I hope someone find here the help that they need.

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Love you guys !

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Love you guys too!