Eve respawn not working

The past 5 times I’ve spawned as an eve I spawned in the wilderness, even though I made it to 60 and died of natural causes the previous game. Do eves no longer get to respawn or is this a bug? I’m playing on ios on the us-beginner server and have the most recent app version.

Not a bug. It just too many eves in the server. More than 3 eves, the fourth will lost her eve spawned.

Edit: i kinda confused dod you mean private server or beginner server here.

Yikes! That’s a lot of eves considering there’s only been 20 people max on the server when I log in

Yeah. You have to be careful if you playing solo. But playing together in the crowd server is not necessarily need an eve spawned. The only thing that bored me is we have to start from a scratch again.

Almost correct. It’s not a matter of Eves though. If there are more than three fertile women on the server, then Eve respawns are disabled.