Eve spawn concept

Just saying I think it would be cool to make an eve spawn a solid feature in the game.

With a condition.
You must live to 30 (1/2) life when you are not an eve.
This shouldn’t apply to deaths before 5yrs though. That way people are forced to live a full life, and not be killed or they lose their eve spawns.


then eve spawn location will reset easily. I born to newbies mum many times, they camp at a place where no food around / eaten up by mum and the farm not yet ready, u can’t live to 30 with no food surround. I play solo sometimes, and if I born as child, I try hard to help and live a full life, but if i am the son of an eve, i usually die before 10. In that way the eve spawn location can’t keep for me.


Yeah, too easily.


Eve spawns shouldn’t be easy you still have a chance to suicide if the situation is that bad. You can also leave your moms camp of you think its unsurvivable. I’ve left home at age 3 and survived on my own just fine.


yup, I tried to leave and take a shape stone and basket with me, and surrounded food all eaten up and surrounding the greens are badlands with no food haha, it’s really hard to live 30 if ur mum is a newbie, sometime they choose bad place to camp or sometimes they keep running and leave u at no where

Then you need to get better at surviving. I’m sorry but if you are trying to leave to survive it is not difficult. Living solo in the wild is one of the easiest ways to gameplay. If you can’t find food 2 biomes away, that is not your noob mothers fault. This is just a concept. I think its a good one that would balance out eve spawn mechanics.

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no I am not arguing that surviving is easy or hard, I just want you to know that if the eve spawn system change as u suggest, it may reset easily. Maybe this can prevent someone for solo play, and this may also make the eve of a whole family can’t go back to her own camp easily. It’s hard to balance all situations I think.

Sure, and it would be easier to lose your eve spawn. I think it would have a side effect of less pro griefers though. They probably wouldn’t want to risk their eve spawn just to get caught griefing.