Eve Spawn issue/annoyance

I really like this game but it is just extremely frustrating. I have spent a week building a town and then today I log in, I spawned in the wilderness and everything is lost. Yes, I have followed the rule of only playing when there are less than 3 players on the server yet after spending 1 week building this town, lost my eve spawn. This has happened to me multiple times. At first it was ok and I enjoyed starting again but after losing the largest town that I built and put so much work into, I feel like I should just stop playing all together. All I really want is to establish a town for other to join and play but I always lose it because of the spawning. I just dont see the point in playing anymore if everything is just lost because of random chance.

Some people may say that is the point of the game and that eve spawns shouldn’t be a thing but since this game has such a small population, it does not work well. A town will die out so quickly that it is pointless. As an eve who creates a town and wants other to join, the town will continue to grow and the eve will continue to seed players into the town for it to grow. I feel that if this problem is not dealt with, many players will lose interest like I have.

What are your thoughts?


You should buy private server if you didn’t want to lose your hardwork. Public server are meant to be played by many people.

That’s not the point, the point is to play with other players. I don’t want to just play solo. I find that extremely boring. The point is to built a town and continue the town each day with other players. Not to build a town for myself

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First welcome to the forums @Helen_Smith.

Yes unfortunately the population and skill levels on non Japanese servers are to low to self sustain towns more than a handfull of generations even on the begginer server they can only last about 20 generations before being griefed to death since most of the begginers cant get the hang of dealing with bears and banishing the griefers away.

Its fun using eve spawning to maintain a town to play with other people but its always so risky since you sink all this time into building a town and maintaining it for weeks only to have your child shoot you or get bitten by an unexpected bear. The worst part is knowing that its probably the same griefer everytime that destroys your town or kills you when your least expect it.

I think two or three free language servers would be what we need. Servers that are visible to any player with any language set as their primary language. This way people would have the choice to play together with people they cant understand but have a general idea of how to work together.

Of course there would probably be tons of griefers in those servers to since people would get on those to hunt players who dont speak the same language etc.

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Thank you for the response. I actually placed peace Lilly’s all throughout my town and the town had no weapons. To make a knife would require many steps although I had lots of iron. I removed all bow making capabilities by chopping the trees away in a large radius so that’s an added step to making the knife. There was only 1 murder in the town and that was before I got all the peace Lilly’s up and removed the trees. my son murdered his sister… as I observed him after my I died at 60.

I felt my town would be great and I was never afraid to raise kids because there were no weapons and the peace Lilly’s were there. Many of my kids were beginners and just roamed around the town until they starved. But occasionally I would have a experienced child who would build more to the town

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There’s another rule that if an area is not reloaded on a server for a week (or sooner idk) that area is reset. So that the ground remains the same but everything done to it is completely gone.


Thank for the info! I actually was just playing on it 2 hrs prior so it shouldn’t have reset


Hi Helen!

The Eve respawn mechanism is not the best designed feature in this game, I’m afraid. Luckily, we are working to come up with a replacement. You can read a bit about the goals in this this topic:

It sounds like your wish is to be able to play with others, but on multi-life projects. The opportunities for this will be improved.