Eve Spawn Question

Hello @Christoffer and @Jincheng, sorry to have to bother you with this topic again like so many others but I have started a new town today which uses an Eve spawn like most do and I was wondering if there are any limits on the Eve spawn? I died of old age as an Eve and set a home marker. Can I keep respawning there indefinitely as long as I keep living to 60 and there are no other mothers available? And if there are other mothers available will I still keep my spawn even if I get born as a baby a few times?

I tried this on my town and after 4 runs i lost it

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I was really upset


Respawns are not counted - so no number limit.
Baby births don’t remove your Eve respawn position.
Dying as an Eve before 60 removes the respawn position.
Spawning as Eve when there are enough fertile mothers available to not have to, means that your previous respawn position will be overwritten if you die at 60 or removed if you die earlier, so if you want to keep your old respawn position, don’t force an Eve spawn by baby suiciding

Also: whether you have created a home marker or not doesn’t matter.


Ohhh, that should be added to the list of myths @BadKat!


Baby is mean year0-2?

Let me get this straigt. what you mean is, my eve spawned will be deleted if i die earlier as baby from fertile mother in other town?
So in able to spawned as an eve in my old village, i should die 60. Then, if i born as a baby, my spawned position will still be restored. But if i die by suiciding or if i die starving if moms neglected me, my spawned position will be deleted.

That means, i should contribute until i die 60 in other town. If i die earlier in other town, my eve spawned will be deleted and i will send to the new coordinate as an eve?
Is it correct?


I think it’s more like this. If there are fertile mothers on the server who you would have spawned with but, due to dying or whatever else, you get banned from their lineage then you don’t get the eve spawn. It only works when there are no other fertile mothers available. If there are then you either have to spawn with them or lose your spawn. I’m worried that’ll mean I’ll lose the spawn whenever I get abandoned by the only mother on the server as she is an Eve.