Eve spawn related suggestions

First off i want this thread to be for suggestions only and not debates so that the developers can have a list of the players suggestions without having to spend hrs looking through threads to see if there are any good ideas. That being said we can explain why we think our idea would be a good one in the post. And any short comnings or good points you believe it has.

For example i think there should be a karma system.

  1. There should be a required amount of karma to keep your spawn. It would be higher for eves and around half as much for babies.
  2. The main way to gain good karma would simply be survival.
  3. If a mom lets their baby die before three and no other player has fed them. Then they get negative karma.
  4. For moms/wetnurses letting the last baby they fed die before three yrs old would result in more negative karma than they could get from many years of survival unless the babie jumped from their arms.
  5. babies who jump from their mothers/wetnurses arms are not protected by the karma system and can lose their spawn if they die before three.
  6. Women who feed other peoples babies. Ex: nurserys can gain extra karma if they were the last person to feed them when they turn three.

Griefers side
6. Being cursed of course would give negative karma.
7. murders would give negative karma unless the one murdered has been cursed three times. To protect pkk
8. If a players karma gets to low they can be punished with an atomatic curse and or a lineage ban. (Could be permanent untill sent to donkey town to help with low pop servers. )

If they reach the karma requirements then they could keep their eve spawn if not they lose it.

Pros: would encourage players to take care of at least one baby at a time instead of abandoning them. Would help reduce baby suicides while protecting both the mother and the babies. And all but forces people to work together instead of solo to build multiple life towns. Also would encurage more use of the curse system when there are griefers. While further restricting griefers it does not compleatly ban griefing which i consider to be one of jasons intentional parts of the game.

Cons: would most likely take a while for players to adjust.
Could be abused just like any other system and possibly ignored by most players.


Daily read time currently is much less than that right now.

I’ve posted several ideas that would help eve spawn/baby suicide/baby abandonment but have never even gotten a reply. Even when I @Christoffer. The drama seems to have gotten more attention the the issue at hand.

Maybe it’s because I’m opinionated? I feel unheard compared to the loud mouths that want to cause issues.

My key suggestions:
Lose eve spawn if you die between 3-40 any life.
Lose eve spawn if more then X amount of your babies die before 3. (Maybe this # can fluctuate based on server pop)
Babies cannot leave moms arms until 3.

These would be minimal changes, less work = less money.
I like the karma idea but, that’s a whole new system we don’t have in place so it would have to be done by scratch.
I feel these meet the 3 requirements he posted.

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Also, currently the 4 fertile rule sucks vs the 4 eve :frowning: I started a city in EU. 18 people online earlier, so I spawn in knowing alot of people are in the city.

It spawns me as an eve (I’m guessing many spawn ins at that time) and of course I lose my eve spawn.

I didn’t abandon babies, and I didn’t suicide to get my eve spawns to build this city.
Sad day.


Hopefully you can make the long alderous trek back to the bell tower nd reclaim your lost village :heart: i think theres still a few eves left in the village.

Lol I did once, then it happened a 2nd time. Ill get back or build a new one. Still sucks

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oh,i see.
thank you!