Eve spawn Spiral server us-beginner

So does the spiral go in a counter clockwise rotation? I spawned as a eve or either with a eve throughout day yesterday, and we all were headed to Bell city. My first spawn of the day I was far west of the city. Maybe a life time later I found myself with another family running in the wild, but this time I was south west from the city. About 2 or 3 life times later I spawn in the wild as myself, and I was south east-ish of the Bell city. So my question is does the eve spawn spiral go counter clockwise, and does the rotation speed coordinate with real time? If it does is there a way to potentially figure out where you will spawn rotation wise on the spirial depending on the time of the day, or do I have the wrong idea about this? Just really curious.

It go both ways. Ones do a full rotation clock wise, it’s change the other way around.

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