Eve spawned myth buster

On my last post i talk about eve spawned myth. So now I’m going to busted it.

  1. You don’t have to mark home: False. You do need to mark home otherwise your eve spawned will deleted.
  2. After 3 lifespawn as eve, you lost your position: false. At first i thought this is true because i lost my eve spawned in the 4th time. But the truth is because i forgot to mark home. So we still have to mark home.

But there’s another myths that I’m still I’m not sure if it true or false. That is: apps update will make you lost your spawned.

So, my eve position is lost after the update. But maybe because i forgot to homemark. Not sure tho because i can’t remember. Did you lost your eve spawned after the update?

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This is not true

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But i do back to my eve spawned the fourth time. I also see someone over and over back to her old village.

Just play when 2 people are on max and u will get ur eve spawn

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Ah. You must haven’t read my first post.
In my first post i said “you cannot be eve if there’s already 3 eve in the server. Or there’s a fertile mother available.”

I think the way the spawn mechanics work right now is.

  1. You must die of old age as an eve.
  2. If you spawn in as an eve but there are 4 or more eves already you will be spawned into the eve spiral.
  3. If you spawned as an eve somewhere else thats it you’ve lost your spawn location.

Thats all the requirements. A member of the discored fellowship was told by Christopher personally (or at least they claimed) that the homemarker doesnt mater.
And another member has respawned on the same spot 6+ times now it may also be 3+ eves for the 2 condition i havnt seen the exact number yet.
So if you only play when theres two players online your guaranteed a respawn. Anymore than that and your risking it.

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Yeah. I lost my spawned today. Dang.

My theory is false after all.

Oof dont worry theres a lot of fun and satisfaction to be gleamed from starting over. I wish you luck on your next camp :slight_smile:

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I almost never use a home marker as an eve so I know that’s not true.