Eve spawns

So what is the rules with Eve spawns?
From my understanding, if you live to 60 as an Eve you should respawn in your previous village or another village.

Is this supposed to be a rule?

If so something is wrong with the spawns. I lived to 60 as eve, made a nice town. My next spawn (also eve) I was in new area. Then I was born to an eve, we built a small town. She died via wolf. Then respawned as eve in the same town.

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First, where does it say if you live to 60 you respawn in the same family? I HAVE spawned in the same village 3 times, not in a row mind you but there none the less. I would also like to add that this was not as a eve and i only made it to 60 one time, the rest i died of old age. But if you are implying there be some rule as to respawning into the same town without a chance then would that count for other instances. Like if you were killed by a greifer that got 10 curses would you automatically be compensated with a respawn? or if you were a second generation child and you got bit by a snake would you be respawned because its pretty obvious no one at that level on the tech tree is thinking about antivenom? Very good question although im not sure how to answer it.

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1hourben’s topic had maybe old.

Idk why you respawn at new area.
(curse? non-full-life? or some reason else?)

But, one eve spawn(not respawn of full-life) location can be use 10 times.
Eve can run back to town even if she died by no-full-life.
That is reason why eve can respawned in same town when she died via wolf.

Thank you. Its very rare that I get cursed so that’s not it. Maybe just a fluke spawn. Sometimes it seems to work, not others. As an eve I always do anything I can to stay alive til 60, I do so most of the time.

It’s not a same family respawn. If there is an available mother you will spawn to her regardless of how long your previous life was. However if you’re an eve, live to 60 and when you respawn as eve (if there are no available mothers). Theoretically you should respawn back in your village, or another village.

Have you ever spawned as an eve is a big village or town? If so chances are you live to 60 the last time you were an eve.

I’ve also heard that as a non-eve if you live to 60, you increase the chances of a new eve spawning where you died. Any truth to this?

I think thats true cause i was a non eve lived to 60 and spawned as an eve on my body.

I have respawned in the same village 10 times until I got killed by a boar and broke the chain.

Why I think it worked: I always made it to old age and I always reset the home marker during each life.

I wish I could see that village now. I was so proud and protective of it.


Recording location of camp is to be influenced by development level.(timing is when eve died)
If two active town are in server, must bigger town will be next eve respawn location.(it’s is not always your town)

So, if you build big town, and die, and born as eve, and die at full-life(with small camp), then you can return to previos town as eve.(if town still active)
That maybe reason “a non-eve if you live to 60, you increase the chances of a new eve spawning where you died.”.

For more infomation you can read jason’s forum.
Logic of game is complettely same.

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Im so don with this game i played for hours making a really nice town again and then i spawn with some noobs unable to go back. It feels like eve spawns are further away then what they use to be. Im gonna quit this game now totally worthless bs. Hf all byeee

There are servers that let you spawn back at the same locations, although thats not the point of the game, if everyone could just spawn wherever they wanted willy nilly, the power of the mechanic 1 hour one life would have little if no meaning whatsoever. I think the point is to just have a lil fun in each town your at, and MAYBE if you are lucky spawn at the same town you use to live in; and if that isnt enough just share people your steam name, just because you wont see them in that life doesnt mean you cant still talk to them and maybe do twins from time to time.

Well today spawned back like 10 times and i made the best town ever people dont know what they are doing just like in real life. Some one should take lead thats why there needs to be a imortal. And i would like the toen to be don and just chill maybe make a casino and gamble or go to war.