Eve Spiral Advice From The Pros

I regularly read the PC forum to glean what I can by way of strategy and sometimes for the drama over there :joy:

This is a GREAT guide on the Eve Spiral and should help people find their way to settlements, towns and, sometimes, old spawn locations they’ve had. The first time I followed this advice I found one of my former large towns. Yay! Sometimes I find sad, badly placed Eve camps. Sometimes pretty decent places. And, yes, sometimes nothing at all.



I’m glad to hear that there’s more people that know of and use the Eve spiral!


I’m dumb. How exactly i should do it? I can’t even find a single civilization. I got lucky in the first try but getting bad luck at the last.

I just lived a life where my sister found a better place several biomes, I’d say about eight, North of us. She also found Another place she left kids at NW. I found yet another place North of where we moved to. So the Eve Spiral is real. Most people report having luck going straight N or S. The guide suggests going NE, NW, SE, or SW. I tend to do that and check out swamps, green biomes when I cross them. Look for signs of life. Milkweed stumps, tulle stumps, ponds with eggs, flowering or fruiting cactus, bunnies already out of their holes and bunnies with babies. Explore around the signs of life. I usually find something.

Set a home marker where you’re born for a reference point. When I get far enough away, say five minutes walking, I head the opposite direction in a straight line until I’ve hit the opposite point on the marker. So, if I were walking SE once I’d walked five minutes that direction I turn and walk direct W. Then I head back up toward the home marker in a NE direction.

I usually find something, a small startup, BAD camps, bigger villages a fair amount of time.


My sister mimi, I lost you. My last kid killed people with snowballs and I died going back and forth showing my kids the two lil villages. The one you found was nicer.

To be honest I went north looking for iron as a kid, my intentions was to make every tool that life. Found a trail and followed it to a town with two males and an old lady a different dying family. I left my girl and went home to tell people.

It is exciting running across a town with family close by to tell. The last of the living family was in the town we saved North of our birth spot. A snake bit me taking my two sons there. They eventually found it.


Nana! I was with the kids. Your son Goku was a hard worker. He cleaned up that berry farm, made a well and had all the fixings ready for a sheep pen when I left. Sadly, I forgot to reset my home marker and got lost looking for carrot seeds Following the home marker only lead me back to our birthplace, which was kind of sad.


the eve spiral on europe-2 seems to go down south. i went up north for like 1-2min and found a old town i lived in 2 hours ago.