Eve town... is it mine?

In reading comments and playing this game myself (for probably more hours than I should) I’ve noticed that the Eve who started the tree and town (myself included) claims the town. I’ve seen it in many comments and understand the feeling. Recently returning to a town I founded, at first I didn’t recognize it but seeing my name I knew. Then all the same feelings from all the comments reached out to me,
you’re glad the line is alive
you’re glad the bear you saw your grandson release (observation mode) didn’t end up killing everyone
You’re glad they managed to survive

Then you see they didn’t finish the sheep pen…
they cut down the two trees you had wanted left
Just to name a few among many other little things…
lol oh the emotions…

But then I came to a realization…
We only have 1 life to live. Yes in the game I was Born Wild, playing the part of Eve, finding, starting a town, raising kids, dying of old age.
I was also my own great (to the upper numbers) grandson the guy running the forge, replacing tools, building the sheep pen. But it was two completely different people, with a different life story.
It’s not my town, it belongs to all the players who lived there and helped build it. I played the Eve, but when she died, she died. I can’t be her again. If born there again I will be playing a new character, I will do the best I can for the town because of who I am but not because I played the Eve.
Don’t get me wrong I like spawning back into towns I’ve lived in before. I understand the feeling of seeing a town again.
But I will no longer claim to be the Eve (she is dead) I will live the life my character has, knowing the town is not mine. Also knowing anything that belonged to her, or any other character I played is not mine. That character forfeited all rights to the possession upon their death. I understand that many people don’t agree with this and will kill over a backpack…
But my view from here on out is…
I have but one life to live, live it well.


Yes, ur right about this. I came across a town as eve, and i respawned because i died of old age. But its not actualy my town, in fact, we didnt do all the hard work.

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