Event 4 - Eternal Cities

The event this weekend will allow all participants to build as much as they like on the cities of their own choosing. You will always know how to get back to your favorite town.

The roads
There will be a grid of roads in this world. Every crossroads will be marked with letters, so it will be easy to know where you are and how to get where you want to go. Example: A friend has said that they are building a city close to the C-D crossroads. You join the event and get spawned close to E-E. You can then easily run two road lengths to the left and one down to find your friends.

No-kill zones
Around each crossroads there is a 5x5 tile area where everyone is immune to being killed by other players. You can use these as places to meet people from other civilizations and do trading and diplomacy.

Getting reborn
You will be reborn as close as possible to where you died. We are disabling the lineage ban, so it will be possible to be born back to the same family line. If you don’t get born where you like to be, you can just use the roads to get there.

Donkey Town
Players with 8+ curse points will get born in Donkey Town, which is pretty far away from the grid.

The event will start at the usual time, Friday 1pm UTC.


I’m excited! Finally a chance to figure out how to set up buildings the right way and experiment beyond that.


Best event ever!! Finally I can build the city of my dreams!!!


-Public Service Announcement-

When building structures always have a door each side or build 2 corner stones on each corner. This allows for easy travel of starving citizens. If you only have one entrance it could mean the difference between life and death for someone needing to go around. Also you run the risk of a griefer building a single stone wall to lock you out. There are some griefing methods I agree with, but I am completely against the permit defacing of a city. I have developed corner door openings for buildings as an anti-griefing method. It is built the same way as the entrance to the sheep pen.

I am really looking forward to this event. I love building structures and streets. Also with how PvP is set up, we can meet on the field of battle and decide who’s horse shall wear the crown of the wolflords.