Ever observe your family and feel like shouting? Me too

Just an hour and a half ago, I was born into a decent village. My mother named me Hope, as I was her first girl and the only young one in the village at the time. Life went well, I was the town smith, which I found to be a good thing seeing as I was close enough to the fire in case I had babies. I had a sister, who was a little suspicious at first. Towards the end of my life, she kept bugging me for the knife I had in my backpack. I asked why, and she said so she could kill her sister.

Uhm, I’m your sister… She wouldn’t leave me be at this point. She was neglecting her children, who I had to feed berries bc of my old age. She stood above me with a bow while I was feeding the fire and pointed it, ending up dropping it, presumably because she tried shooting at me but I had moved. I grabbed the arrow and kept it in my bag. That only furthered her persistence for the knife. It was pretty obvious at this point she was trying to kill me for whatever reason.

Looking back at the family tree, I realize we didn’t have any surviving sisters other than her and I. Sneaky woman. “We can kill together” “pls” “Fine, I’ll just take the knife when you die” “pls”. At this point I stabbed her, knowing she was up to no good. The nephew I fed agreed that it was the right thing to do.

onto the title, lol. After I died, I decided to observe my family. I had one surviving daughter, who also had one surviving daughter. I watched my daughter run around looking for food, then starve. Thing is, the baby was still 2. “■■■■,” I watched her spell out. She began running around looking for someone to feed her. I held my breath, thinking she’d look around for a bit before returning to the fire. She didnt. The child stopped eventually in the berry farm, trying to pick one. I thought maybe she’d just try and wait it out there until she was three.

NOPE. She kept running around everywhere until she finally found her brother. “F”. He didn’t seem to care. Just then she turned three. Go to the berries!! She didn’t, repeatedly saying “F!!!”. GO TO THE BERRIES. She ran back and forth by him, trying to get his attention for a few good seconds (that she could have easily spent WALKING TO THE BERRY BUSH THREE BLOCKS EAST). She died. I was beyond frustrated. Had she simply stayed still by the fire or even in the berry farm, she would have survived with ease. Or if she ate a berry instead of asking her 9 y/o brother to feed her. That marks the end of the family line.

Sorry, I just really felt the need to rant about this. Please, if this happens to you, possibly search for a second but PLEASE don’t continuously run around!
Try to find a good temp if you can and stay still if you’re nearly 3.

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I often observe my children. The pro one, the noob one, and the suspicious. And sometimes there’s the middle one (like me). I see them do things, like making fire, they need bow drill or stuff and they can’t find it anywhere while the truth tge things they’ve been looking for is exactly on their side.


Yes! It can be frustrating sometimes. I almost find myself wishing I could communicate as a ghost, aha.

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Same! :joy:


I feel like im the one always looking for something thats right there lol. Earlier today i tried to move my mothers camp cus i couldnt find any water around… Well i say my mothers but i did all the eve work and my brother did all the farming. Well nobody would listen to me saying to move the camp and i was about to jist take my tools and go when walked by a pond just north of the camp :sweat_smile:


Oh i was jake ape in generation 8

LOL that happens.
I constantly asking where the berries farm is but nobody answer. while in truth they just right east. I’m eating pies for survival during that quest of finding berries.

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