Everything about griefers (荒らしの全て)

Hey , everyone. I would like to learn about your experience about grifters and how you all face them . I hope that you all would give some suggestions about type of grieving , solutions and how the solution might work or not work well.
And also I want to know what you think about curses(do they work).
Types of griefing:

  1. Killing all goats
    Solution 1: do not put the knife near the pen.
    Effectiveness : very good except the fact that you can’t use knife when needed.
    Solution 2: give 1 person to keep knife in bag
    Effectiveness: I don’t know because the person might be a griefer or not there when needed.
    Solution 3: give a few person hold the knife in the bag.
    Effectiveness: quite effective except if one of them kill all goats you might be confused who .
    Solution 4: lock the knive in the chest and give a mother to hold the key .
    Effectiveness: not really a good way . In my experience, the key get lost and no one is able to use the key in the chest . When a killer or griefer appear , then there will be a time when everyone try to find the key. However , if some griefers make many knives (also a type of grieving ), ya maybe lock most of them in the chest and hope the key is forever lost.
    Help me continue. Please add.

I think this one is pretty obvious.

Ya , it is so obvious and yet people keep doing it . Every time I see the knife near the pen, my heart race as I think something bad might happen soon.

I hate when players start to hide knives on their backpack , you’ll eventually end up with more knives on the village because some will get frustrated and just make more to be used as utility.


Hmm… you are pretty correct . Knives are important utility as we use them for goat , rubber , paper , cut turkey and in medical . When people keep knives in the bag , they should be trusted people who stay at their area (sheep pen, rubber, village)so other people can have access to the knifes . And also they must be willing to help the person by using the knife if near or give the knife if far. However , still as the person borrowing , it is frustrating as we want to cut rubber , we have to ask multiple times. There are players who will never help nor never coperate (the one holding the knife). To me , they are toxic and I don’t like them. Some even leave the village with knife and bow . Wow, since when knife is needed to cut fur out, just use the flint chip . For sheep or pig? We don’t use pig much (can always just use bean) and there are sheeps in the village. In one way , I feel scared when there are knives all around the place on the floor but when I have no access to knife due to overly strict rules , I get frustrated since I am doing it for the village. Now that you say it , I remember. I remember that since the village have no knife and we need to kill sheep , I create some knives for 2 people . I don’t create 1 in case of pk . Then, another person(future pk, act like we need more knives ) create 3 and more and stole my knives . I was confused as first but to be safe , I create 1 more and make sure she doent hold it . Then suddenly, got other people that have knife in their backpack(don’t see them in the village), then I think why , why did you take the knife even though you are not in the village or sheep pen area. When the future pk start killing villagers , yup I pkk by using knife too. Now we have ahemm, 6, 7 knives and yup that is super frustrating. In another life , the guards (protecting the knives and bow due to pk) will not give me the bow to kill wild sheep to get new baby sheep for the village(the pk also kill all sheeps in the village). It is frustrating as I see the sheep so near and yet I can’t help the village. I try to ask if one of them can help by following me while I hold the rope . Then, they say no because they have to protect the knives and bows(wow , so busy). I tried to convince them and maybe they think I might be a future pk. I was so frustrated that I asked the man to kill me so I would die and be reborned in another village and because no one trusted me at all. The result? I was killed. I was angry and frustrated but relieved at the same time. I would rather be borned with a village with 1 or 2 knives all around than been born in a village that we can’t use the simply Utility at all. So I agree with you in some way. Sometimes, I become a guard that guard the knives (in japan 1where there are a lot of griefer). I was able to spot future pk(huh, need knife to kill bear?) and ya , use the knife when needed. I was willing to help and give the knife when needed to be used far away. When I transfer knife from my backpack, I would put the knife on the floor and then step far away and let the person pick up . Sometimes, griefer learn to hide weapon that they find on the floor and box and then start pk when there are no weapon left to defend. Hmmm… wait … all these would not be needed if there are no griefer.

This is going to sound SO NRA positive (and I’m NOT a gun nut) but… a well armed society is a prepared society. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve witnessed the person holding the knives be the first killed. Then I have to helplessly watch as the murderer laughs during cooldown and have nothing, zero, zip, nada to stop them with. One shouldn’t have to run around trying to make a weapon to counter a griefer. If a griefer kills a weapon holder out of view of the village THEY then wind up holding all the weapons. Every productive citizen should be armed if you’re advanced enough with tools and iron. People wander off, as someone pointed out, with weapons in their packs to never return. Knives are needed and useful for many jobs. Not the least of which is to put a stop to griefing before it gets out of control.


This looks like a fun idea . I have thought about the idea before . The only thing bad thing about this idea is I guess there will be knives all around the village on the floor or in future generation , the knives will be collected and locked in a chest for eternity. Many people are scared of knives not because only of pk but also how easily they can kill others with knife . When you have knife in your backpack, you sometimes end up holding it and sometimes hit someone with it . I have seen many cases of accidental pk. Other than that , maybe we need a lot of backpacks. If only we can find a way to try this idea . That would be fun. It is hard to try any idea in the game as it is hard to converse in words.

I recomend having a bow and arrow hidden out of town. It can massivly speed up the towns recovery before everybody starves. You can use it to hunt new goats. Kill the griefer. And if need be kill the player who gets a little to… Zealous in their hunt for the griefer. You know the one who sudenly starts killing off all the players they find suspicious at all.

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It seems like a fun idea. How and where do you think should we hide it ? It is sometimes very helpful that we find weapon near the village when there is pk (if we did find it because yup , there are also griefer who hide thing behind the tree and it takes ethernity to find those things ). Usually when there is pk or mpk and there are no weapon in the village , I will use the horse cart to go around to find bow and arrows . Usually when I use horse cart , I am able to collect a lot of bow and arrows. I agree there are extreme players that want to kill griefer and that hate foreign players . There is one who killed a foreign player because he speak in another language. There is another one who say should we kill this person or that person a lot of times. I like players who hunt for turkey and kill dangerous animals .

Usually when im in a village ill hide a bow behind a maple tree not to far from the village or ill go by some dangeres terrain where griefers are less likely to go and hide it in a tree there. And then put a basket with three arrows for the bears. Also i show one or to players that seem trustworthy. Like the forty year olds who are working or the smith. Also when your in a village its a good idea to check the trees and walls for any tools. If you find any then you need to be extra careful about who you trust.

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I agree with you . That is a very great idea.