Everything reseted

While playing the game, the internet suddenly failed when i was playing, After a little bit of time it worked again. But all the things where reseted! I got acces to all servers and my purchases where gone, even when i tried restoring. Please fix this or send me a tip. @Christoffer and the mods.

What purchases were missing, exactly? What was reset?

It might be you have two gmail acounts hooked up to your play store, and you/someone undid your purchasing acount from the device. Or what ever iphon users use. That would make it so you wouldnt have acces to your purcheses.

Edit: actually just realised it probably wouldnt let you access the game if your purchasing email was disconected from your phone lol so what i said is probably invalid.

OP uses a 1st generation iPad Air.

All the servers where there, and my family chronicle was gone.

Ah, i thought so if i would reset the game it would be back. Phew.

ok, so your game is back to normal now then?