Evil Shadow. A bug?

I didn’t put it in game feedback topic because i wasn’t sure is this really a bug or not. So maybe I’ll share in general topic and see if other experiences this too.

My mom said she’s going to collect iron and off she goes. I wondering around yellow prairie and found her standing still, not moving. I greet her “mom” she didn’t respond, maybe she’s AFK. So i try to feed her but i can’t. Usually, eventhought her food bars is full there’s still an animation of me trying to feed her but there’s no animation at all. So i leave her and usually she’ll die eventually right? But no, i comes back couple of times and still found her there. She’s grow old already and still alive and didn’t move at all. I’m thinking it maybe a connection problem where her clone(or shadow) stuck in some places while the true players run around foraging.

Anyways, she didn’t return home and i couldn’t find her. I’m trying to see if she’s still there but i get bit by snakes and die. Later i see in the family trees, she died old.

There’s also same experience of me with my baby. She’s just turning 3 so basically i still can pick her up to breastfeed, right? But i can’t and my daughter didn’t move in the same place. And she died of starving.

Maybe the DONKEY TOWN problem lately is because of the same problem where their evil shadows get stuck behind and people found them and curse them because didn’t move at all.

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An evil presence is lurking…

That happened to me a couple times. Try this: Fully close the app and opened againg. Joing the game and you will be back online.